02 June 2009

Great Day for a Picnic

Caroline had found just the right spot for our picnic.

Caroline stuck the pretzels in her sandwich and gave it to me and said "Here's your birthday cake, Mom."

Tucker enjoyed the picnic, too! The cheese was his favorite part.

"I got this flower for you, Mom!"

Chad and Caroline playing frisbee. Chad throws it and Caroline gets it and brings it back to him.

"This way kids...follow me." No lie-that is exactly what she said!

As we waited for Chad and Tuck to catch up, Caroline stopped to tell me that she heard elephants.

Every now and then you gotta stop and smell the roses.

"Come on Buddy, let's go this way." (5 seconds later Tuck lets go ... "Tucker won't hold my hand!")

Tucker was very excited that Caroline shared purse with him!


Anonymous said...

It is just hilarious the way Tucker looks in that last picture! I laugh out loud when I see him do that!!! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Love the new title page picture. It's one to treasure always! AA