26 September 2010

The Pink Barbie Car

Here are Caroline and Tucker doing the one thing that Caroline could not wait to do once she got to Huntington...ride in the pink Barbie car! This car belongs to a neighbor across the street from Nena and Poppy and they were kind enough to indulge the kids. Caroline drove for hours as I do not think Tucker ever got to drive. Thankfully, Tucker was content just riding. They are going to be talking about this for days...

21 September 2010

Go Tigers!

Last Saturday we went out to Hampden-Sydney to watch H-SC play Sewanee. We stayed until halftime as that was about all the kids could do. Tucker enjoyed seeing the tiger mascot and let the tiger hold him. I really wish that I had a picture of that...it was C-U-T-E! Caroline, on the other hand would not even give the tiger a high 5. She stayed close to me when the tiger came around. When the announcer would say "Sewanee" on the loud speaker both kids would look at me and say "Mom...he just said Sewanee!" They were a little confused when he would say "timeout Sewanee" or "timeout Hampden-Sydney." Caroline and Tucker looked at me and asked "why did he say timeout?" Of course they assumed that somebody had done something wrong!

Hampden-Sydney won the game, 38-o. We did cheer for Sewanee towards the end of the first half as we made our way to the car. I must say, I felt bad for those boys who were loosing by 31 points at the half. Caroline obviously felt very comfortable on the football field and Tuck just wanted to be one of the football boys. Maybe one day...

New Shoes for All!

Go Falcons!

Tuck's new Chucks.

Beautiful Boy!

Tuck (aka Speed Racer) riding his bike with his new running shoes.

Caroline showing off her new kicks!


Who knew that packing lunch for school could be so challenging? I mean I can only pack a peanut butter sandwich for so many weeks in a row. I have made a very strong effort to make sure that Caroline and Tucker have healthy foods to eat. Tucker is a little more adventurous than Caroline as she is at this point a vegetarian too. I pack lots of fruit and carrots and celery. Recently they have been on a cantaloupe kick and can't seem to get enough. Caroline has also been eating a lot of yogurt and a couple times I have included a homemade trail mix that I make from different cereals with the occasional chocolate chip thrown in. They love this. Caroline will not eat the lunch that the school provides and I am ok with this. I'd rather her not have hotdogs, corndogs, cheeseburgers, pizza and barbequed chicken for lunch. I don't consider these healthy or appetizing options for my PreK-er. I continue to look for new and exciting things to pack in their lunchboxes. I try to cut their peanut butter sandwich in a fun shape (after I sprinkle flax seed on top of the peanut butter...they haven't caught on to this yet!). So, my lunches may seem boring but once I see the food that the other kids are eating, I am glad that Tucker and Caroline are getting a "boring" lunch and one not filled with fruit snacks, cheese-its, and other non-nutritious food.

05 September 2010

Krazy Kids

Caroline and Tucker had another great week at school. Tucker's favorite thing about school is bike day. He loves to ride his bog boy bike in circles around his younger classmates. He insists that we chant "go Speed Racer!" as he zooms around. I was doing it to appease him and before I knew it a few other of his buddies were saying some version of "go Speed Racer." Tucker loved it!

Caroline only had one complaint about school this week. She was upset because the librarian told her that her name was not Paige and Caroline was very distraught. I'm not sure why the name Paige was even being discussed. I guess Caroline didn't have a chance to tell her that in fact her middle name is Paige. Aubrie has been declared Caroline's official BFF. And, to make life even better, Aubrie was at the football game on Friday night. You might consider Aubrie to be somewhat of a tomboy, which is why Caroline now refuses to wear dresses or skirts or bows in her hair. "Aubrie doesn't wear this, Mom." I think she must say this every morning as we are trying to pick out clothes.

Below are some pictures of the kids at the playground with Chad. They truly are "Krazy Krouse Kids!"