23 June 2009

Friday's Dancing and Singing

The video below is of Caroline singing Sugarland's "All I Want to Do."  We have watched this performance on YouTube over and over and over.  We spent lots of time on Friday watching Sugarland and Taylor Swift, two of Caroline's favorites.  Tucker even gets excited and dances with us when he hears the songs.  I cannot even begin to imagine how many times we have watched these music videos!  Caroline loves to hold the jump rope and pretend it is her microphone.  She is obsessed with the "Hoo Hoo song."

Chad had an appointment on Friday so the kids and I hung out in the flat.  We played games, read books, took naps and watched YouTube.  It was a long day!  Thankfully Chad brought dinner with him when he came home.  He fixed bacon wrapped salmon on watercress with a side of rice.  It was very good and was the perfect ending to our day.

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