30 June 2009

Time to Go

Our plan for the next couple days is as follows...who knows if this will actually work!  Get a taxi to take us to the train platform on Tuesday afternoon, take the train (a little over an hour) to Manchester Airport and stay in a hotel near the airport, arrive at the airport Wednesday morning with plenty of time to spare (yea right!), take off at 10:50 am, fly to Atlanta and then to Norfolk, arriving at 6:50 pm.  Our bodies will be telling us it is almost midnight so we are certain to be exhausted.

This will most likely be followed by lots of sleeping and lounging around!  It may be a few days or weeks for that matter before I post again.  I think I will take some time off from the blog as I have even amazed myself at the amount of blogging I have done.  Thanks for tagging along vicariously on our summer adventure :)

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Trish in Sewanee said...

thanks for taking us with you!!!