28 September 2008

TV anyone?

Here are my cuties watching TV bright and early this morning.  (It was this morning, even though it says "nite" on TV.)

27 September 2008

Tucker's Crib

Caroline's new favorite thing to do is to climb in Tucker's crib!  It is fine if they are both just sitting down laughing at each other.  But, Caroline would rather jump in the crib and bounce Tucker.  He usually laughs until she lands on him.   You can tell from some of the pictures that she is up to no good!

23 September 2008

Tucker and the Army Crawl

This is how Tucker and Megan (5 1/2 months old) entertained themselves this morning at PMO.  Megan was playing nicely in the activity center and then she felt Tucker crawling underneath her trying to reach the rattle.  She kicked him numerous times but it didn't phase him as he is used to it from Caroline.  He spotted the rattle from across the room and then did his army crawl/scoot to get to it.  Nothing was going to stop him!

20 September 2008

Teaching Caroline to Share

This morning Tucker and Caroline had lots of fun playing together on the floor.  Caroline was learning to share her toys with Tucker.  Taking turns is not always the easiest concept for an almost 2 year old to understand.  Tucker was a willing participant in my attempt to yet again teach Caroline to share.

16 September 2008

Cowgirl Caroline

Today was Cowboy/Cowgirl day at Caroline's school.  Her class is learning about the letter "c" and color purple.  They made purple cowboy hats, paperbag vests and they wore bandannas.  Here are some pictures of Caroline and her friends.  It was a fun day!

14 September 2008

Caroline, Tucker and "The Girls"

Caroline has 3 new friends..."The Girls."  They are like "paper dolls" but they are wood (very thin) and they are magnetized.  This helps the clothes stay on.  She walks around the house saying "r u girls?" aka "where are you girls?"  She has had lots of fun with her girls and even lets Tucker play.  Actually, he just wants to bite and drool on them-anything to help his bottom teeth come in.


Caroline and Tucker were rolling around on the floor before we went to church this morning. 

 (Notice Caroline's shoes-she refused to wear anything else...oh well!)

Tucker was just in a crawling position when I took this picture.  He is getting close!

Caroline being silly after church.  She was trying to get away from me because she didn't want to take her dress off.

11 September 2008

Little Tucks

This is Tucker rolling around on the floor after his bath last night.  In the second picture, you can see Caroline's hand ready to smack his cute little bum!  She did...but fortunately not too hard, so he just laughed.  He's such a good sport!

PMO 9/11/08

Below is Tucker playing at PMO with his new friend, Henry.  He has lots of fun playing with his friends since Caroline is in a separate room with the older kids.

Today at PMO, Caroline's class learned about triangles.  They used triangles to make a fox mask.  Believe it or not, all eight kids (all under 4!) kept the fox masks on to pose for a group picture.  Here is Caroline getting a better look at who is behind that mask...it's Rye-Rye!


Caroline goofing around with Hattie.  Hattie was just getting over an ear infection and wasn't quite ready for all of Caroline's shennanigans!

Tucker and Noah playing nicely as always.  Since Noah is a couple months older than Tucker, he shows Tucker the ropes!

09 September 2008

Jumper-roo Tucker-roo

Tucker has been spending lots of time in the jumper-roo.  Usually Caroline likes to jump with him.  One day I'll get it on video!


This is what Caroline looked like when she woke up from her nap!  The sticker on her face was given to her at school today for being a good listener.


Here is Caroline after her new haircut.  The bottom picture shows what her hair looked like before.  Tucker is loving the jumper-roo!

06 September 2008


Here is a video of Caroline and Tucker. Caroline was very excited to see her face and Tucker's on the screen. That would be the reason for her saying Tucker and pointing to the screen/camera a million times. Enjoy!

Rainy Saturday

Caroline and Tucker playing on a rainy Saturday morning.  

Caroline and Hattie: Reunited!

On Friday morning Hattie came over to play with Caroline for a few hours.

The girls taking a break from Elmo to "smile" for the camera.

Watching Elmo and refusing to look at the camera for the second time ... wasn't one picture enough?

Caroline is excited to have access to Hattie's juice again.  Here she thinking about taking a sip, knowing it is not her's.

Surprise, surprise!  She took a sip!