18 August 2007

Caroline's New Friend

Caroline has taken the summer off from the blog...Sorry!! We are now settled in Sewanee, Tennessee and Caroline seems to be adjusting well to her new home and friends. In May, we spent a week in West Virginia, and then in June we travelled to Boston. That was Caroline's first plane ride and she did great. We also went to the Shore for a few days, so Caroline could experience her first boat ride...she slept the whole time. She is now 10 months old and very close to walking. She has loved having all the boxes sitting around so she can pull up on them. She even does a little dance (shakes her bum) when she hears music. Caroline is slowly starting to understand what the word "no" means. If she hears is repeatedly, which sometimes she does, she will start to pout and fake cry. She is into everything she can get to. Toys don't seem to be nearly as fun as boxes, tape, flip-flops, etc. We have posted some pictures for everyone to see what a big girl Caroline is. I think she probably weighs around 20 pounds now. The picture of two babies is Caroline and her new friend Hattie. Hattie and Carline will have a lot in common as they are both going to be big sisters in the coming months. I'll try to keep the blog more current this Fall!