28 October 2008

PMO Halloween

Today at PMO, the kids went trick or treating around the offices at the Seminary.  They got way too much candy as all the seminarians handed out candy as well.  It took Caroline a minute to realize what was going on.  What a great idea---you have a bag that looks like a pumpkin and people willingly fill it with candy!  Life is great!

Tucker as a dalmation...a sleepy one!

Caroline was breaking into her bag of candy while the rest of the kids were posing for a picture.

Tucker and sleepy Phoebe the bear.

All 14 PMO kids dressed up!

Firefighter Caroline and Nurse Hattie.

"Help Mom!"  That hat just wouldn't stay on!

Floppy-eared Tuck!

Caroline in her homemade costume complete with crazy static hair.

"KROUSE" on the back of her costume.

Tucker and his friends: Phoebe the bear, Gus the bear (minus the bear head) and Noah the monkey with a banana on his head!

22 October 2008


Caroline with her "Purple and Pink Pretty Paige Purse!"  She had just opened this birthday present and was VERY excited about it!  If you look closely, you can see her new tricycle in the background.

Caroline is showing me the pumpkin she is about to eat while modeling her new shirt.

I'm not sure what Caroline was thinking in this picture...can't be good!

Right before I took this picture Caroline was dancing along with some show on Noggin...kids TV channel.

This is Caroline's favorite drawer.  At school, she learned about hearts and the color pink.  What a perfect shirt to wear!

Alas, she found what she was looking for.  Caroline likes to dance in the kitchen while I am fixing dinner and listening to the radio.  The "hurt" on her left knee didn't slow her down!  She fell last week and scraped her knee and her nose!

On Friday we took Caroline to the Chattanooga Aquarium as a belated birthday present (she was sick on her actual birthday).  Here she is concentrating on the penguins!  She really liked them!    

16 October 2008

Just Tuck

The following pictures are just of Tucker.  He had no problem showing off for the camera while Caroline just wanted to take the pictures, not be in them.  Tucker is pulling himself up anytime he gets the chance.  His favorite time to stand up is in the morning and after nap time when he is still in his crib.  He just looks around and smiles because he is so proud of himself!  It is precious.  He is crawling anywhere and everywhere!  Tucker tries very hard to keep up with Caroline!  He has his bottom two teeth and the two top ones won't be long!  We'll keep you posted!

07 October 2008

Fire Trucks! Fire Trucks!

Today at PMO, Caroline's class had a fire truck come to visit!  This was very, very exciting for Caroline as she LOVES fire trucks!  We had to make a trip to the Sewanee Fire Dept. on Sunday and they let her sit in the truck and they turned the lights on for her.  It was great!  She was just as excited by today's visit from the firemen.  Her class is learning about the letter "F" and safety. They each got their own fire hat.  Unfortunately, it was windy so the hats kept blowing away from the kids.  (Note Caroline's crazy hair!)

Kids at Play

Here are some pictures I have taken over the past few days.  Caroline and Tucker have been playing together quite nicely.  That is until Tucker tries to crawl away and Caroline sits on him.  He has a special cry for that!  The first picture is at PMO where the kids were checking out the buses.  Thankfully there were two of them - one for each child!

03 October 2008

Friday Afternoon

Not the best picture of Tuck, but can you see his two bottom teeth?

Caroline was concentrating very hard on drawing her circles.

Tucker is about to move...he doesn't sit still very long either!

Showing off for the camera!

Now that Tucker has his two bottom teeth, he is working on getting the top teeth in.

Excuse the hair, she just woke up from her nap (a 3 hour one!)