24 June 2009

Monday, Monday!

It is Monday and thus begins our last full week in England!  We had a great plan for how this day would go.  Chad and I would take the kids to play in the funhouse for an hour and then we would eat lunch in the pub attached to the funhouse.  Well, what we didn't realize was that nothing opened until noon.  So we arrived at the funhouse with kids that were ready to play and unfortunately it was not open!  Thankfully, there was an outdoor play area so we played there for an hour until the funhouse opened.  We only stayed in the funhouse for about 30 minutes because by that point the kids were tired and ready for lunch.  We had the special, Chicken and Gravy Pie with Mash for lunch and walked home.

Chad and Caroline then began their adventure to York for evensong.  Taking a child was the only way Chad was able to go.  Tucker settled in for a long afternoon nap and I got some much needed alone, quiet, free time.  Around dinner time Tucker and I went to the train stop to meet our friend from Virginia who was coming to visit for a few days.  There was no way to know for sure what time Anna would arrive.  We knew it would either be between 5:30-6 or 6:30-7.  So we waited at the train stop and waved and pointed to every train that passed by until a little after 6 pm.  

I noticed dark clouds quickly approaching and heard thunder.  This was the first time I have heard thunder since we have been here.  I decided that it probably wasn't the best idea for Tucker and me to sit in a metal and glass building while we waited a little longer.  We made the short walk into town (I carried him because Chad had the single stroller) and had a pint while we waited for the next round of trains.  The storm passed quickly and we went back to the train stop and found Anna.  Yay!  How good it was to see a familiar face!  We came back to our flat, put Tucker to bed and waited for Caroline and Chad to get home.  

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