06 June 2009

One of Those Days

Friday was off to a good start!  Chad left around 11 am to got to Halifax and attend a service at a mosque.  The kids and I went outside, put some clothes on the line and went on an adventure lead by Tucker.  Tucker always goes to the goldfish pond.  He still loves to put his hand in the water.  The goldfish pond is surrounded by dozens of rose bushes that are just starting to bloom.  Caroline found a pink rose and insisted on picking it to carry around with her.  She would stop me every 5 steps so that I could smell it and tell her that her pink rose smelled "heavenly!"  

Although we have walked by the dell numerous times, we have never stopped to play.  The kids ran up and down the small hill over and over.  I taught Caroline how to roll down the hill.  She liked to do this as she kept saying "I roll down hill like Rye-Rye!"  Tucker found a bird bath and splashed in it until all the water was gone.  He was a mess.  We had to come in so I could change his clothes because his arms were wet and he had dried drops of dirty water on his face.  So the fun begins...

I changed Tucker's clothes and got lunch for the kids.  Tucker was ready for a nap.  He went down easily, while Caroline continued to play.  I went outside to get the clothes off the line because it looked like it was about to rain.  Sure enough it started to rain seconds after I came in.  I then worked on getting a knot out of my yarn that I was knitting a blanket with.  This was a result of Caroline "playing" with the yarn.  A little later she said to me "Mom, I ready take a nap."  What a shock!  That was just fine with me so I put her in bed.  At about that time Tucker woke up.  He had only been asleep for 1 1/2 hours.  This is about half the time of his normal nap.  I tried everything to get him to go back to sleep.  I could tell he was still tired and acting fussy.  Nothing worked.  I even put him back in his crib and let him "cry it out" twice.  This was extremely frustrating!

So now it was apparent that he was not going back to sleep.  I played with him, fed him, read him books and gave him some juice.  Tucker was still not happy.  All I wanted to do was get this stupid knot out of my yarn so I could get back to knitting my blanket.  About this time, Caroline woke up.  At least she was in a good mood.  I put in a DVD for the kids in hopes that maybe they could watch that and give me just one minute of peace.  Again, i went back to the knot and it was a no go.  The knot was going to have to be cut.  Go figure, I could not find the scissors that I had just bought the day before.  Was there anything else that could go wrong?!?!  Sure there was...Caroline decided that she didn't want to leave her show to go to the potty.  I won't go into anymore detail.  Tucker decided to dump the cheerios all over the floor because apparently they taste better with some floor dust.  We could not go outside because it was still raining.

This was about the point that my Facebook status said "Mary Lewis Krouse is going to go crazy if Chad does not get home SOON!"  Well, I did not go crazy and Chad finally got home.  Thankfully, he had a very productive day and took lots of good pictures.  Because he had the camera, I did not get any pictures.  This is a good thing because I am not sure a crazy Mary would have been appropriate for this blog!

I had to get out of the house.  One of the seminarians had recommended an Italian restaurant in Huddersfield.  Since Chad had an all day bus pass, we decided to go for it even though it was cold and raining, not to mention late.  We left our flat around 7:15 to catch the bus to Huddersfield.  Once we got to the bus station we took a taxi to the "kid friendly" restaurant.  While we were in the lounge area having a drink (and I desperately needed one!), Caroline found a new friend.  Jude was about 5 years old and playing nicely by himself.  Caroline walked right over to him and started to smile and giggle. He shared his toys with Caroline and they laughed and had a fun time while we waited for our table.  Tucker was really tired and sat contently in Chad's lap.

It was time for us to be seated and I just knew that Caroline was not going to be happy about leaving Jude.  Lucky for us, she was really hungry and willingly went to the table so she could eat her pizza.  The food was delicious!  It was a nice change from pub food.  Caroline and Tucker loved the pizza and did really well while Chad and I finished our meals.  Chad got a duck dish with an almond honey glaze.  I had lasagne, which was wonderful.  Jude's table was seated relatively near us.  Caroline spotted him right away and said "Look Mama...Boyfriend!"  On our way out we walked by their table so Caroline could say bye.  Jude was ready for a hug, but had no idea that Caroline was going to give him a big smooch!  I wish I had a picture of his face when she kissed him...definitely shocked!  

It turned out to be a good evening even though we did not get home until after 10 pm.  We all went right to bed without a fight!

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