28 June 2010

Tucker Gets a Trim

So Tucker got his first "real" haircut or I would say "trim" is more like it. On Saturday morning the kids and I went with Grandaddy to do some errands, one of which was the barber shop. As Grandaddy was getting his hair cut, the kids we having a hard time sitting still and being patient. I told them that if they didn't sit still then they would be next in the barber's chair. Well, this approach totally worked for Caroline as there was no way she was going to let that strange man cut her hair! But, Tucker was a different story.

As soon as the chair was empty, Tucker jumped right up there saying "It's Tucker's turn. It's Tucker's turn." I must say, I was shocked that he was actually going to let someone take scissors to his hair. I have cut his hair once in December of 2009 and that is the only haircut he has had. Period. I have tried a couple times since then to trim a few pieces but he was not willing and reached for the scissors each time. So, I gave up. And, quite frankly his hair is pretty cute. There have been multiple times that strangers would comment on his hair and say how much they loved the blonde curls.

So, as he sat perfectly still in the barber shop chair, I carefully watched every little piece of blonde hair fall to the floor. I gave instructions to take a little off the top but not to touch the curls in the back or on the sides. Thankfully, the barber followed my instructions. Once it was all through, Tucker got to pick out a piece of candy from the candy drawer. I was so proud of Tucker for being such a big boy...and I admit, I had my doubts about the whole thing. Way to go, Tuck :)

OC Fun

Last week we spent a couple days in Ocean City with Aunt Annie and Bull. We went out on the boat, played at the beach, went swimming and watched the pirate ship takes loads of tourists on a pirate tour. One evening we went to the boardwalk and played games and rode the rides. The kids rode tons and tons of rides and I even rode a couple (I had to too, because Tucker and Caroline were too short). After we went through all 120 tickets, we got ice cream. It was the perfect ending to a fun day.

The next day we went to Jolly Rogers Waterpark. The kids loved it...and I did, too! Tucker went down all the water slides that he was tall enough to go on. Once he got bored sliding down on his bum, he flipped around and slid down on his belly. Caroline did the water slide too, but I think she really liked swimming in the shallow pools. She was very proud of herself for not needing any help. We had a great time and slept well for days after all the OC fun!

19 June 2010

Camden Park 2010

Camden Park, Boat Ride, June 2010

Caroline loved driving the car by herself.

Tucker insisted on riding the motorcycle!

Chad, Tucker and Caroline on the train.

Tucker was running off the roller coaster ride. He rode on it twice!

Caroline was not very happy that Tucker got to ride on the water log ride with Chad first.

All smiles, he loved it!

Tucker was pointing to Caroline as she rode on the water log ride with Daddy.

They made it! Caroline didn't even cry and was ok with getting a little wet.

18 June 2010

Luckily, Nena and Poppy have some great neighbors. There is a family with three kids and lots and lots of fun toys. Below is a picture of Caroline and Brody (who is just a month older than Caroline) riding his motorcycle...let's hope this is the only motorcycle she ever rides on with a half naked boy! Brody's family was cleaning out their garage and gave us some fun toys to keep at Nena's house. Tucker was very excited about the Batman tricycle that makes noise!

NASA and Chincoteague

Last week we spent the morning with Aunt Lee and visited NASA and Chincoteague. Unfortunately the museum was closed but we did get a chance to check out the rockets that were outside. In the second picture the kids were looking at a plane that kept circling around. It came very close to us and they just froze and stared at the sky when we heard it approach. We also went to the nature museum on Assateague and we walked over to see the lighthouse. It was a cloudy, but fun day...thanks, Aunt Lee!

Parksley Pics

Here are some picture of us doing our favorite things in Parksley: going to the park, riding bicycles and playing construction at Nan's.

13 June 2010

Catching Up

It's been a while...I know! It has been a crazy past few weeks with the move from Sewanee. We miss our friends so, so much but we have been pretty busy here in Virginia. Here's what we have been doing:

going to the beach...riding on the boat...tubing...finding periwinkles and watching them escape...going to the park...playing in the pool...coloring...eating ice cream...visiting with family and catching up with friends...pointing out all the construction sites and tractors we can find...visiting the NASA museum and Chincoteague nature museums...spending time outside...riding the grass cutter...eating watermelon...swinging...coloring...reading...watering flowers...watching boats come and go...relaxing and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of summer.

Most importantly, we have been talking about all our friends that are still in Tennessee and those that have moved to Texas and Alabama. "What are Hattie and Noah doing? Meggie's a bad guy! Ryan really likes the movie Cars. I miss Hannah and Gussy! Gussy's a bad guy! This is Ava's dress. No this is Henry's dress. Henry's a bad guy..." On and on it goes!