28 October 2009

Outside Adventures

Today was a perfect Sewanee Fall day! The weather was just perfect so we had to spend some time outside. We decided to do some exploring around our yard and in the woods behind our house. Tucker was a willing participant from the moment I said "outside," where as Caroline needed some convincing. Her boots weren't exactly meant for hiking. We played a quick game of hide and go seek and climbed in the trees. A couple times we thought we lost Tucker when actually he was just blending into the foliage.

Caroline thought it would be funny to sneak up on Tucker and drop a handful of leaves on his head while he intently watched the daddy long legs, aka. "Spi-da." They learned about the bark on trees, found big sticks, and listened to the airplanes pass overhead. We also saw some "big trucks" and motorcycles which were way more exciting! These kids sure are nature lovers and I'm quite certain they get that from Chad.

G.I. Tuck!

27 October 2009

PMO Halloween (10/27/09)

"This has to be a joke?!? I am not walking around in these tight leggings."

This was the extent of Tucker's hat wearing.

Caroline's (mermaid cowgirl) class picture.

Tucker was not a fan of the parrot on his shoulder!

This was Tucker's favorite stop. He got a handful of suckers after he pushed his way to the front.

Tucker was over trick or treating and had a melt- down. Of course this happened in the Dean's office, practically at the Dean's feet.

My beautiful Mermaid Cowgirl ... notice the boots.

Quick Pics

This is how Tucker spends his PMO mornings. Maybe he will be a mountain climber.

Last night Caroline and I made Halloween cupcakes. The chocolate icing was her favorite part!

26 October 2009

Downtown Asheville

On Saturday we went into Asheville to see what the downtown area was all about. We found lots of Indian food, street music, chocolate shops and dogs. Apparently Saturday was dog adoption day and dogs were everywhere! Lots of locals brought their dogs dressed up in Halloween costumes. Caroline's favorite was (surprise, surprise!) the princess fairy dog. I thought the hula dancing bassett hounds were pretty cute.

We ate lunch at an Indian restaurant. Chad and I enjoyed the buffet and Tucker even seemed to like it, too. Caroline finally caved in and ate some salad. We topped off lunch with some chocolate covered pretzels from the chocolate shop. Caroline loved looking in the front window at all the beautifully decorated hand-dipped apples.

***Although it probably isn't necessary, I would like to note that Caroline has very strong opinion about what she wears these days. Every now and then she will let me pick out her entire outfit. Yay! However, there are plenty of days that she picks out her own clothes. One thing is for certain...she will always have on the pink cowgirl boots!

Hattie and Caroline checking out the chocolate store.

Yummy chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzel made the afternoon!

Caroline and Ryan saw lots of things they wanted.

Caroline spent most of lunch coloring since she wasn't a fan of the Indian food.

"I want out!"

True tree-huggers!

These kiddos were too big for the stroller ... notice Caroline's crossed legs.

Playing on the iron while waiting for Mommy to come out of the yarn store.

Kiddos checking out the dog.

House with a View

Chad and the kids and I went to the Smoky Mountains for a few days during Fall Break. We went with some of our best seminary friends: The Landry Family and the Carson Family. We had a great time and Liz's parents' mountain house was just perfect for the occasion! The kids had so much fun together and the adults enjoyed good dinners (thanks, Stephen) and good wine. Tucker woke up this morning and said "where Hattie-Noah?" He had seen them for the last three mornings and felt like they should be here when he woke up this morning, too.

The "backyard" ... more like a patch of grass on a cliff!

Beautiful view from the front of the house.

THE View

Looking down into the valley.

A pretty Fall day!

Reading Week...Part 1

We spent several days last week near Asheville, North Carolina. The seminary was on Fall Break (aka Reading Week) so we decided to join our friends on a mini-vacation. Here we are Lake Junaluska (Methodist Conference Center just west of Asheville) enjoying the view. It was sort of windy and overcast but that doesn't stop us!

21 October 2009

Double Date

We all know that having kids changes everything! This morning I realized that dates have a different meaning now because of our kids. By reading the title of this post you probably assumed that Chad and I had a double date with our friends...not so much! Chad and Tucker had breakfast this morning at the Blue Chair. We did not have any sugar for Chad's coffee, so he decided he and Tuck would have a boy's morning out. We dropped them off on our way to dance and they walked home when they were finished.

Meanwhile, Caroline and I needed to go to Monteagle to the grocery store. On the way there she told me that she was hungry and wanted something to eat. I decided that the girls would have a breakfast date, too! We ended up going to the Waffle House (keeping in mind that our choices are limited) so she could get a waffle because Gus had a waffle for breakfast yesterday. Sure enough, she ate her waffle and I had bacon and eggs.

It was really nice to have one on one time with the kids because that doesn't happen very often. We are making a conscious effort to spend time with each of them and really get to know each child as our son and daughter. (I cannot imagine having 4, 5 or 6 kids!!) We are pretty sure we "know" Caroline, but it is still nice for her to be the only child since she didn't have many months of that before Tucker came along. It is also great to be with just Tucker. He is such a great little boy with lots of personality that sometimes gets overlooked because of Caroline's big personality. What fun we are having spending time with these two wonderful kiddos!

18 October 2009

Cold Day at the Park

This afternoon we went to the Woodlands park to carve pumpkins, play and roast marshmallows. We decided not to carve our pumpkin primarily because it was freezing cold (mid 40's, I think) and also because Chad and I just did not have the urge to dig out pumpkin guts...maybe when the kids are older. Caroline and Tucker had a great time playing with their friends (as always) and the adults enjoyed hot chocolate and adult conversation.

Mama and Tucker trying to stay warm!

Caroline found the perfect stick for roasting marshmallows.

Tucker found one too ... it was just a little big!

Tucker was explaining to everyone around that the fire was "hot!!!"

Caroline and Ava were digging through the trail mix in search of M & M's

17 October 2009

Pumpkin Head

Tucker attempted to model the new pumpkin I made for him. I tried to get Caroline to try it on but she wanted nothing to do with it. She told me I could try it on her toe. How sweet! Thank goodness for my baby boy!

14 October 2009

Fashion Show

Here are a couple more pictures from yesterday. Caroline can now have her own fashion show thanks to Bigger Paige. Caroline fell asleep around 6pm yesterday and she did not wake up until 6:30 this morning. She must have been exhausted from all the birthday celebrations. It's hard work being 3...even for just a day!

13 October 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Caroline!

Dear Caroline,

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I can't believe you are already 3 or "free" as you like to say. In fact you have said it so much that Tucker thinks he is 3, too. I tried to sing Happy Birthday to you when you woke up this morning but you quickly reminded me that "they sing Happy Birthday at school" and you did not want me to sing. Thanks for helping me make your confetti cake last night while the boys were already in bed. Thanks for not eating it, too! I know you wanted "just a little baby taste" but you did a good job listening and waiting until school today to try it. You looked so pretty in the pink crown Ms. Julie made for you. You looked a little timid when your friends sang to you and in fact you covered your face for a bit. That was pretty silly for a girl who likes attention!

We are so proud of you and thankful to have you. You are an amazing little girl with lots of personality and love in your heart. We couldn't have asked for a better little love girl :)

Lots and Lots of LOVE,
Mommy, Daddy and Tucker