19 June 2009

Edinburgh to Durham to Mirfield

Thursday morning started the same way as the day before...Chad had his Scottish breakfast and I had cereal.  We packed our suitcases and made our way back to the city and to the train station.  We got of the bus a few stops away from the train station so we could walk around Edinburgh a little more.  We had our suitcase with us this time so we didn't do much walking, but we couldn't resist soaking in a little more city!

Bye Bye Scotland and hello Durham.  Durham was on the way back to Mirfield and one of the last things on Chad's list of things to do.  Durham was about an hour's train ride from Scotland and the Cathedral was just a short taxi ride from the train station.  Again, we had all our stuff so we couldn't do much exploring.  We really enjoyed going to Durham Cathedral where I was informed by Caroline that "we have to be quiet in Daddy's church."  We got a quick snack in the cafe and Chad and Caroline made a short trip through and adjoining museum where they saw "treasures!"  Durham  appeared to be a nice little university town.  If we did not have a suitcase but instead more energy, we would have stayed longer.  Caroline was doing all she could to keep up with us as we walked back to the train station.

It took another couple hours to get back to Mirfield.  We then caught a bus that dropped us off right outside our door.  Tucker was very excited to be home while Caroline cried and cried because she wanted to go back to "restaurant house."  Below are a few pictures from our quick pit stop in Durham.

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