06 May 2011

Spring Things at School

Today Tucker had a Mother's Day Tea at his school. He gave a me a planted flower in a pot that he decorated and a sweet card decorated with his fingerprints. We snacked on grapes, strawberries, and cookies of course. He was having a great time until he realized that once he finished eating with me he could go outside and play on the playground. Thankfully he posed for a picture before he had to go...definitely the sweetest boy around!

Caroline had a big day at school, too. It was Friends and Family Day and the kids performed in the Lower School Spring "Concert." Caroline's class sang about 5 songs. They did so well! Caroline was literally front and center and extremely focused. She kept her eyes on her music teacher and did every move exactly as she was supposed to. Finally, towards the end she smiled and had some fun. It was very cute and I was so proud of Caroline! She is the best little girl ever! (She is on the front row, third child from the left in the patchwork dress)