29 July 2008

Tucker's Hiding Spot

Apparently Tucker has decided that the activity mat isn't fun anymore.  Today he rolled and rolled until he was under the coffee table.  This was actually a good hiding spot for him because there is no way Caroline could try to lay on top of him.  But, it didn't take long before she figured out how to play with him under the coffee table.  Now just imagine the fun I had trying to get them both out while avoiding rug burn and bumping their heads on the coffee table.  All the while Caroline is yelling "stuck, out, help."

28 July 2008

Tuck and Cay-Ray

Tucker had just eaten carrots and peach cobbler. Yum! Believe it or not, he did actually eat all of it even though it looks like it all ended up on his shirt!

Caroline is showing off her new giraffe rain boots.  She loves them and insists on wearing them most of the time.  Her favorite look is duck pajamas and giraffe rain boots.

26 July 2008

Family Picture- Attempts #2,3,4

If anyone has ever tried to take a picture with a baby and a toddler, then you will understand the following pictures!  It is extremely difficult to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time.  There is also the fact that the camera works on a bit of a delay, so even if everyone is looking for a split second, that is still not long enough.  Maybe one day...

Just Another Day at the Beach

Caroline walking away from me as I try to take a picture.

Caroline is trying to spread out her beach towel...as if she were really going to sit on it for more than 2 seconds!

Big sister is trying to help out by feeding Tucker his juice.  That only lasted about 2 seconds as well.

Caroline slept the entire way home from the beach and then some, while Tucker was just happy to be out and about!

Here is what Tucker does at the beach.   No sand for him unless Caroline sneaks some in his lap.

Caroline and Chad walking on the beach looking for shells.

Our beautiful Naples beach that we are going to miss so much!!!

The Mall

At least once a week, I take Caroline and Tucker to the mall.  We don't spend a minute shopping, just playing in the kids' play area.  It is a great space and there are always others kids for Caroline to play with.  The best part of it all is that there is air conditioning!

23 July 2008

For Bigger Paige

After playing around on the computer for a while, I figured out how to use the camera to take some video of Caroline.  The great part about using the camera on the computer is that there is sound.  So, I thought I would take advantage of this and have Caroline say a few words to Bigger Paige, whose birthday is tomorrow.  Here goes...


22 July 2008

More Key West

I have found a good spot for a strong internet signal by the pool! Yay!  So, I have posted a few more pictures from our trip to Key West.

21 July 2008

Key West

Here are some pictures from our trip to Key West.  We had a great time and Chad set a new record at the 5K race!  I would write more and post more pictures, but unfortunately we have limited internet connection.  Right now, I am sitting in Jan's bedroom because it is the only place to get signal.  So, I feel certain everyone understands why this isn't the most thorough posting.

18 July 2008

Caroline, Popcorn and the Hairclip

Caroline is munching on her new favorite snack--popcorn!

Caroline just realized that I put a clip in her hair.  She tries desperately to get it out, but is not successful!

This is what Caroline's hair looks like after she has tried to pull the clip out.

Caroline has forgotten that she has a clip in her hair and is more concerned with watching "Elbo" for the 20th time today.

17 July 2008

Two Pics

Yes, this is Caroline with a bag on her head.  And yes, we know that it is not safe.  As you can see, she began to run away once she realized I was coming after her to take it off of her head...after I got a picture, of course!  (Chad changed her diaper last and forgot to snap her back up...we don't usually take her out unsnapped!)

Tucker and Mama! Tucker went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.  He has two antibiotics and has been feeling better even though he still doesn't have much of an appetite.  He is cute even when he is sick!

16 July 2008

Rainy Days

My apologies for taking a few days off from the blog.  Quite frankly, there is not much to report because we have been stuck in the house due to nonstop rain since Sunday!  Here are a few random pictures I have taken in the past couple of days.  Also, Tucker has been sick so I have been busy taking care of him.  

12 July 2008

Caroline at the Waterpark

This morning Mom and I took Caroline to the Sun-N-Fun Lagoon.  It was lots of fun!  The first picture shows the Tadpole Pool where we spent most of our time.  The big fish that you see is really a slide.  The kids slide down through his mouth.  The last picture shows Caroline standing in the mouth of this fish deciding if she wants to slide down.  Of course she did eventually slide down, but only after standing at the top to look around at everyone else.  She held up the line each time she went down the slide so the kids behind her would get closer and closer, not to mention more impatient.  As the kids behind her approached she had to turn around and look at them and say "NO!" over and over.  Funny thing is, she does not like her space invaded but she sure doesn't mind invading someone else's space.  We also went in the lazy river several times.  Caroline sat in my lap and enjoyed the ride.  I would have loved to get more/better pictures, but after all we were at a water park...not exactly a camera friendly place.  (In the Tadpole Pool, the fish on the tall poles squirt out water, so you never know when and where they will squirt water, thus making it very difficult to get pictures with a non-waterproof camera!)

08 July 2008

Caroline's Long Nap

I guess the zoo was just too much fun!  Caroline took almost a four (yes, four!) hour nap today after our trip to the zoo with Uncle Chip.  Although it may not look like it, she is sound asleep in these pictures.  She sometimes naps with her eyes slightly open.  I think she stayed sprawled out on her bed for the majority of her nap.


This is a flashback to when Caroline was 6 months old and eating her feet. Tucker is in the next post doing the same thing. 

Do you think they look alike?

Tucker at Breakfast

This morning Tucker thought that his toes would taste yummy after his peaches and oatmeal. On another note, Tucker will be 6 months old tomorrow!