10 June 2009


Lincoln Cathedral, here we come!  It was quite an adventure getting to Lincoln, but well worth it.  Lincoln Cathedral was beautiful and massive!  The stained glass windows were some of the most amazing windows I have ever seen.  The kids did the normal echo test throughout our tour of the Cathedral.  Caroline got to walk with Daddy so she was a happy camper.  The city of Lincoln was lovely, as well.  There were many cute stores and one of a kind restaurants along the cobblestone streets.  Caroline's favorite store was the tiny little candy shop!  I bribed her with a candy necklace to get in (and stay in!) the stroller.  We try not to make this a habit, but it worked quite well.  We had a great lunch and spent a little time looking for goodies in the charity shops.  We got a couple books for the kids that made the trip home much more bearable!   After 12 hours, 7 of which were spent on trains, and 110 pictures, we finally returned home.

Mary trying to push the pram up the hill while Chad enjoys the view.  (No worries, he had already had his turn!) 

Lincoln Cathedral

The largest of all the stained glass window. Beautiful! Caroline kept saying, "Mommy, look at the beautiful flowers!"-- in reference to the windows

Caroline was trying to be like Daddy and take lots of pictures with her new binoculars. Made perfect sense!

The kids watched the train go by at the end of a long day. Caroline was worried that it was our train and we were going to be left behind.

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