25 April 2010

Tornados & Cupcakes

What do you do on a Saturday morning when under a tornado watch?!?! Make cupcakes! The kids were very excited about this task since we had to do something fun inside. Caroline made the blue cupcakes and Tucker did the green ones. I think they enjoyed licking the icing off the spoons more than anything!

Abbo's Alley

Friday was beautiful day! The kids and I took a walk on Abbo's Alley for the millionth time, yet it never gets old. As we approached the gazebo, we saw Ava's preschool class celebrating a birthday party. The teacher came over to us and offered the kids a cupcake, which they gladly took! Tucker took a few bites and said "This is 'suspicious,' Mom." What he was trying to say was "delicious."

We threw pebbles in the stream, picked flowers and stuffed them in pockets, pointed out every azalea bush we saw, climbed on rocks and watched the goldfish. There was lots to do on this little walk. At the end of the path there is a cave. Caroline and Tucker both stripped down to nothing but their shirts and waded in the cold, murky water. They did not want to leave!

"The Cutest"

I finally got some pictures of Caroline and Tucker together! As they were posing Caroline said "Mommy, me and Tucker are the cutest" followed by "Me and Tucker are best friends forever." What more could I ask for?!?!

21 April 2010

Veggie Burgers

It has been over a month since I have eaten meat. The kids have had their share of chicken at restaurants, but I haven't prepared any meals with meat at home. This is actually going quite well. I have fixed tofu a couple of times. Tucker liked it. Caroline did not. They have eaten more veggies and fruit than they used to. That is definitely a good thing. I don't know that either child has missed having meat for dinner. Tucker is pretty good about eating anything that is on his plate (as long as he is in the mood to eat) and Caroline never was a big fan of anything other than chicken. I know exactly where she gets that from...(me!).

Tonight for dinner I fixed veggie burgers for the first time. I have had them before and learned that the more condiments you put on the burger, the better it tastes. So, we loaded them up. Tucker seemed to like his burger. Caroline immediately took the burger off the bun and started to eat just the bun. She informed me that she was in fact eating her burger. Apparently we have a different definition of what a burger is.

About halfway through dinner, I noticed that she was putting her carrot sticks on the bun. My first thought was to tell her not to do that because I can't imagine how that would taste. But, then I realized that if it tastes good to her, that is just fine with me. And, actually, she was having a veggie burger...Caroline style!

17 April 2010

Fun Day at St. Andrew's

I could not believe that she was really going to ride a horse. Last year she would not let go of my leg!

Caroline loved it! She rode the horse twice and probably would have ridden more if there had not been a line.

Ryan, Megan, Tucker, Ava, Henry and Caroline checked out the piggies.

Tuck did not like the turtle. He said "Ewww ... I don't like it."

Tucker and Mommy enjoyed the hayride!

Tucker was trying to get a closer look at this corn snake. (Hope this isn't too troublesome for people that don't like snakes ... Nan!)

Caroline was very happy with her cotton candy!

He thinks he's Spiderman.

Chattanooga Zoo

Last week we spent one morning at the Chattanooga Zoo. We had never been so we thought we'd give it a try. It is a small zoo and I don't think the kids were too excited about it. The carousel was by far their favorite part. As we were getting in the car to leave, Caroline said "Mommy, now can we go to the fun place?" Well, that was supposed to be our "fun place" for the day. And, I do think they had fun, I just think they expected a bigger zoo like the Nashville Zoo and this was not that big.

10 April 2010


Finally we had some luck fishing around here! We tried a couple weeks ago and didn't catch a thing. Our friends tipped us off that this lake was a good place to try. We caught three sunfish which was very exciting for the kids. Caroline was pretty patient and actually sat still and held the fishing pole. When she got bored she did ballerina twirls on the dock. Tucker, however, may have sat on Chad's lap for a maximum of about two minutes. I spent most of the time following him and his crazy hair!

Monteagle Park

Here are some pictures of our trip to the Monteagle Park. The kids always like going there because we don't go there very often, so it is extra exciting when we do go. There are more "big kids" things to do at this park. There is a balance beam, a stage (which Caroline loves), a bigger slide, a climbing wall, and of course the sandbox! The kids love the sandbox as we always leave this park extra gritty.

04 April 2010

More Easter Fun

Just a few more Easter shots...

Best Buddies

What more can I say? Tucker and Noah are best buds :)

Tucker Boy!

Tucker cuteness:)

A little Stevie Wonder action.

This is how he came down the slide.

Chocolate hands!

Tucker and the Swing

Tucker spent a good bit of time on the "red swing" after the egg hunt. As you can see from the pictures, he LOVES it! He ate a few pieces of chocolate before he got in the swing...the evidence is on his right cheek.