31 March 2009


This is Caroline dancing and singing "No More Monkeys Jumping on
the Bed!" I took the cushion off the couch to clean it and she took the
opportunity to jump!

Caroline the Cook??

Caroline made peanut butter sandwiches for lunch today.  She used Easter cookie cutters and made different shapes. 

Then she smooshed all the shaped sandwiches together and tried to take a bite...peanut butter was everywhere!!

Tucker was not impressed with her culinary skills.  When she gave him his flower shaped sandwich he immediately threw it on the floor and continued to play with his drill.

30 March 2009

The New Table and Chairs

Outside Time

Tucker's curls!!!

Tucker LOVES being outside!  He walks all over the yard, and when he falls down he gets right back up...

...after he eats the dirt that was on his hands.

Caroline admiring the flowers.

It clearly was not raining, but Caroline insisted on wearing her raincoat and boots.

22 March 2009

Caroline, Tucker, Elmo & Curious George

The weather was beautiful today so we decided to spend some time in the park.  As you can see, Elmo and Curious George (on Tucker's shirt) came too!  In the first picture, Caroline has  her new favorite toy- a squirt bottle.  We filled it up with water and she watered the daffodils in our yard.  In the last picture, Tucker is playing with his buddy, Megan.  He missed her while we were away on Spring Break!

21 March 2009

Back in Action?

OK...We're back...sort of!  About a week ago Tucker spilled a glass of water on Chad's laptop and killed it.  That is the main reason we have not updated the blog.  We lost all the pictures and school work Chad had saved.  We now have a new laptop and a way to back up all our information should this happen again.  We spent the past few days in West Virginia during spring break and that would be another reason we have not updated the blog.  Don't give up on us, we will post more pictures soon!

07 March 2009

Nature Kids

Today was exciting!  We went on a family adventure to Natural Bridge and Fiery Gizzard to do some exploring.  Tucker was asleep when we visited Natural Bridge, so we didn't stay long.  There are a few pictures of the bridge and Caroline going down the steps to get to it.  We also went on a hunt for waterfalls at Fiery Gizzard.  Caroline and Tucker got to see the waterfalls and Caroline even got to put her hand in the water.  They both walked along the trail, with Caroline leading of course!  We came upon a cave and for some reason Caroline starting yelling "bears come get you!"  It was lots of fun and now everyone is napping...

04 March 2009


Caroline's Project

This afternoon, Chad was outside working on a "project."  Rather than napping, Caroline decided that she would be a big help to Daddy, especially since she had new (new to us) toy tools.  Chad pulled out the drill and 30 seconds later Caroline came running over to him with her drill.  She was ready to help!  You can see from the picture how serious she was about this  "project."  **She did take a quick potty break...she came running in the house saying "Mommy! Mommy! I need go pee pee!!"  Sure enough, she did her business and went right back out to help.