28 December 2008


Today was "pinkalicious" day in our house.  To celebrate, Caroline and Nan made pink cupcakes with pink icing.  As you can see from the first picture, Caroline decorated the cupcakes all by herself! Paige gave Caroline the book "Pinkalicious" for her birthday and she has read it many, many times.  Tucker was napping while Caroline was cooking, but woke up just in time to sample a pink cupcake...he loved it!  After the cupcakes were made and sampled, Caroline thought it would be a good idea to swiffer the floor.  Of course she could only do this from her new stool.

You might be wondering exactly what Caroline has on.  She started off wearing the fleece top with pink pants.  She looked really cute.  Then we went to Wal-Mart and an explosion occurred (if you know what I mean) and these were the spare pants we had in the car.  Not long after we were home she decided to wear her beach hat.  I can't explain it!

25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hattie, Caroline, Ryan, Tucker, Noah, Megan ... Kids at Christmas Eve dinner

Caroline checking out the goods on Christmas morning.

Tucker is wondering what "big sisser" is doing...

Caroline has found her Dora cup, bowl and plate!

This is the new "tent" for Caroline and Tucker.  It can be a school bus...

Or a fire truck!

Caroline is putting her fake ketchup and mustard in her Dora bowl-no time for another picture.

Tucker and Caroline playing nicely and sharing their new toys.

I think Caroline was cooking a burger and "tries" for breakfast.  Here she is sharing with Tucker.

Tucker decided that he had enough of Caroline and building a fire with Dad would be more fun!

24 December 2008

Day Before Christmas

Caroline is trying to open my birthday present.  She did and was most excited about the cotton filler rather than the present itself!

Caroline wearing her new crown and just one earring.  She was in the process of taking it off just as I was taking the picture.

Tucker is trying desperately to get into a present from Paige and Brad.  He especially liked the shiny bow. (Notice Caroline's new babies, Ava and Henry in the background.)

Mom, please can I open it?  It's just one day early!"

OK...we gave in and let him open it.  Thanks Paige and Brad for the great Boston books!

14 December 2008

Cutest Christmas Boy Ever!

Last night Chad and Caroline put up the Christmas tree and put the lights on.  First thing this morning, before church, Caroline and I decorated the tree.  Tucker tried to help, but I don't count removing ornaments from the tree helpful!  Here are some pictures of Tuck by the tree. He was very cooperative and seemed to enjoy having his picture taken.  Thanks to Aunt Annie for his snowman sweater vest.  Isn't he just the cutest?!?


This is how Caroline spent her Saturday morning.  I'm not sure what she was watching on TV, but she was in the zone.  I also cannot explain why she needed her hat and gloves on.  That was her idea!

Outside Time

It was a chilly Saturday on the mountain, but Caroline desperately needed some outside time.  Chad was on the roof blowing leaves and she wanted to be right in the middle of it!  She was upset that we wouldn't let her get on the roof with Chad so I tried to distract her in other ways.  Unfortunately, Caroline went right to the swing which was wet.  So, I wouldn't let her swing.  This was enough to bring on a meltdown which you can see in the bottom picture...such is life!

10 December 2008


These are some pictures of the kids being silly before bedtime.  I realize this is the third post where the kids have been in their pajamas.  They really do wear other clothes!  You just can't beat fleece pj's when it is cold outside.

01 December 2008

It's Snowing!

This morning we woke up to snow!  It was a great surprise, as we had no idea it was going to snow!  This is the first time that Caroline recognized snow.  She thinks it is great and loves looking out of the back windows to see the snow in our yard.  She keeps saying "Oh no!  Snow on bye-byes!"  This means that there is snow on our car.  Tucker has joined in the fun, too!

29 November 2008


Caroline with M&M's all over her face and jammies!  This was before noon that she needed a chocolate fix.

Here, she is showing the me 1 of the 25 M&M's that she just stuffed in her mouth.

Caroline reaching for the bowl with the M&M'S...her new favorite treat!

I went in the kitchen this morning after becoming suspicious because it was all too quiet. I found Caroline "washing" dishes.

26 November 2008

Random Pictures

I don't know how to explain this one!  Basically, Caroline was watching Oswald on TV and he had an umbrella so she needed to get hers.  I think she found the hat when she was looking for the umbrella.  

As for the lack of pants ... that's just how it goes some days.

Tucker-tootles rolling on the floor, paying no mind to the Caroline drama!

I think he was watching Dora in this picture.  Poor guy doesn't have much of a choice with Caroline as a big sister.

Last night we had about 30 people over for "soup night."  This is what our living room looked like.