31 May 2010

Where Have We Been....?

We've been packing and making houses out of boxes! Our house is a total disaster as we have been preparing to move to Virginia. There are boxes and newspaper everywhere. In the Fall I started getting rid of things and thinning out in anticipation of our move. I have even given bags and bags of clothes and shoes to a homeless shelter. I have sold multiple items on classifieds here at Sewanee. We have had 2 yard sales and at this point we are giving away items on our front porch.

I vow to never have this much stuff again. Granted, we did have a lot of baby items that got shoved in the attic after Tucker was born when they should have been donated at that point. But really, I don't need enough home accessories to decorate 6 houses. Why do I need items that have been in the attic untouched for 3 years? If I haven't used them in 3 years then chances are I don't need them. Now I do recognize that there are a few exceptions. I have some additional china in boxes because it wouldn't fit in our china cabinet. I have a box for the kids of special blankets and baby items that I want to keep for them. But, I also had enough fabric and craft supplies to open my own craft store...ridiculous!

We have donated, sold, or given away to friends many, many things....and boy do I feel a lot lighter! It really is a good feeling to give something away and know that it will actually be put to good use and not sit in an attic. Of course these friends are probably gonna hate me when it is time for them to move on and pack up their belongings!

So, in my quest to live a more simple, clutter free life, I feel like I am off to a good start. Just to give you an idea...It took a tractor trailer (53ft) plus 2 cars full of things to get all our things here when we moved. (Keep in mind that it was just 3 of us at that point because Tucker wasn't here yet.) Tomorrow, we are leaving with everything in a 24ft Budget truck and some leftovers in the back of our Jeep. I feel good :)

19 May 2010


As I took a break from packing up the kids' book, Caroline jumped in my lap with the Sharpie marker in her hand. The cap was on thank goodness. She began to ask me questions and use the Sharpie as a microphone. "What is your name? What do you do when you wake up in the morning? Then what? What do you do next? Do you knit? Do you do laundry?" The list of questions goes on and on. She actually did a good job with putting the "microphone" near my mouth when I was answering her questions and moving it back to her mouth when it was her turn to ask a question. At the end she said "Thank you Mary Krouse for talking to our tea party."

17 May 2010

It's Like Camp

It's like camp. Seminary at Sewanee is like camp. I have heard several people say this and I am really starting to believe it. You know when you come that you are only here for a short stay. You know (or at first try really hard to believe) that this will be a wonderful time in your life and it will be filled with laughter and joy. You will meet people that have come from all over the United States and you will be their friend.

Friday night cookouts, lots of pot luck dinners, walks around campus, play dates for the kids, and if you are lucky, you might just get some adult time sans children. If you are really lucky, you will get to go on field trips with just your girlfriends.

It's a fun place with lots to explore. There are lakes for swimming and fishing, trails for hiking and mountains for climbing. There are daffodils to pick, fire trucks to visit and horses to see. You know that you have to live here to really understand what a special place this is. It is magical.

You quickly realize that you will make some of your best friends in life and then there will come a time when you have to say goodbye. You will pack up your belongings and leave the mountain one by one. When it's over you will all go home, back to where you came from. You want to keep in touch and stay abreast of what is going on in their lives. But unlike camp, you won't be back next year. You will find a new camp. Maybe just a weekend camp. And, maybe just for the girls in new fun place.

It is like camp. And what a great camp it is.

16 May 2010

Squeaky Clean

Hope you all appreciate the blog updates...this is what the kids were doing while I was slaving away at the computer!


There have been a lot of pictures taken these last few weeks. Here are some extras that friends have e-mailed me or posted on Facebook.

More Lake Cheston

Caroline is showing off the tree that she "planted." She found a big branch in the woods and brought it over to the horse shoe sand pit. She was very proud!

Tucker insisted on wearing these Spiderman shoes that were way too big for him. But, with the velcro tight enough, he was able to walk without his feet coming out. He loved it!

Caroline was in the ferret pin petting Ms. Gina's ferret, Nina.

I guess Tucker was getting bored and decided to hang on the grill. Thankfully, we did not use that one so it wasn't hot.

Then he decided to roll around in the sand pit. So, not only did he smell like Lake Cheston, but he also had sand all over him!

Swimming at Lake Cheston

This year we were prepared. We brought bathing suits and towels to the picnic at Lake Cheston. Caroline wanted to get in the water right away! She spent most of the time in or near the water with her friends. Tucker spent a good bit of time pushing the dump truck and making sure Zachary's Spiderman shoes were close by. Tucker did start off with his bathing suit on, but as Caroline did when she was his age, he preferred his birthday day suit. And, since we were with friends, it was ok.

Watermelon and Tuck

Tucker loved the watermelon at the picnic on Friday evening!

14 May 2010

Graduation Day

May 14, 2010
All Saints' Chapel, 10 am
Lunch at McClurg following the service.

Children's Crossing

Caroline and Hannah (who suddenly decided to be best friends) after Children's Crossing.

Caroline and her Texas buddies. I really think she would go to Texas with either of these families. The question is, would they take her? (She does have the boots!)

Tucker slept through the entire service. I guess this is what happens when you skip your nap!

Tucker (or Chad rather) receiving Tucker's cross necklace from Dean Stafford.

Caroline receiving her cross necklace. She was too shy to go up by herself, so I walked up there with her.

Pre-Children's Crossing Photos

As we waited for 5:00 to come around and the service to start, we tried to get some group pictures of the kids. I am not sure that we got one of all eight kids, but we did get some good "action shots." Hattie, Noah, Hannah, Gus, Ryan, Megan, Caroline and Tucker have spent the last 3 years (or 2ish years for the younger ones since they were born here) playing together. They have done lots of fun things like play at PMO, meet at the Woodlands park when the mommies need some Mommy time, walk (or run) through Abbo's Alley, play at the Fowler Center on cold or rainy days and have play dates at one another's house. What a GREAT time is has been for these kids and their friends. Caroline and Tucker will miss you all!

PMO Open House

Before Children's Crossing on Thursday night, we went to an open house at PMO. This was so the kids could show their out of town guests their school and all the fun things they have learned this year. Caroline enjoyed showing Nena and Poppy how she likes to sort while Tucker preferred to look at the construction books. As soon as we got in the room, he ran straight for the dress up bin and pulled out the hard hat. The kids also sang songs and did some finger plays for the guests.

Sweet Caroline in Black and White