15 April 2007

First Easter

Caroline is 6 months old! She went to the doctor on Friday and weighs 15lbs 4ozs and is 26.25 inches long. She is growing so fast. She loves to grab everything and has finally perfected taking her pacifier out of her mouth and putting it back in all by herself. Of course she puts anything she can get her hands on in her mouth. Her feet are still her favorite. She has started using her "exersaucer" this month and loves it. When she is playing in it, she is at the same level as our dog, Patton. He enjoys watching her play too, and occasionally feels the need to give her a kiss! She loves to watch him. Caroline is still eating baby food and actually eats green beans without a fuss. She is getting stronger, as she loves to stand up on our laps. She is rolling over (only when reaching for a toy) but gets stuck on her stomach and makes noise for us to help her turn back over. Caroline is constantly making new noises. She gets louder and louder to get our attention. She had a good first Easter with her own special Easter basket from Bigger Paige.