27 June 2009

Hanging Out

Tuesday was going to be a great day because we had an extra set of hands to help out!  Anna had been on the go most of the summer and we were wearing down, too, so we decided to stay close to home.  We did walk into Mirfield to get some groceries and show Anna around.  The weather was great so after naps we spent some time outside walking around the grounds.  The roses are beautiful and I couldn't resist getting some more pictures.  The pictures below are just a sampling of the pictures I have taken.  I must say, it is nice that the roses don't try to run away when you take their picture.

Chad fixed us an English dinner of chicken and roasted vegetables.  Anna added a salad with homemade caesar dressing.  I can't say that I contributed anything other than watching the kids while the chefs were hard at work!  Dinner was great and we were loving every minute of having Anna around.  Caroline was especially excited she was visiting!

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