11 June 2009

Easy Day! (or is there such a thing?)

After our busy day in Lincoln, we decided to stay close to home on Wednesday.  Chad had an appointment in Leeds and the kids and I tried to stay busy in our flat.  The weather was cool, but not raining.  I needed to mail a letter, so I put Tucker in the stroller and let Caroline walk beside us and we headed down the street.  

There is a tiny store just down the street that also has a "postal area" where you can get stamps and mail letters.  It is really strange, yet very convenient that you do not have to go to an official post office to do this.  This little store has everything you could ever need (in a pinch).  They sell diapers (but not the size we need!), cereal, magazines, milk, liquor, cards, cheese, car oil, toilet paper and a million other things.  The interesting thing about this store is that it is basically no more than a back room in a house.  When I asked about mailing a letter the man asked me to hold on and went into the kitchen to ask his wife to come help me.  I could see right into the kitchen and hear a baby making noises.  It was very odd, and not something I would expect to see in the United States. 

After this mini trip we came home and did the usual lunch and naps.  Have I mentioned that nap time for the kids is my favorite time?!?!  I have several knitting projects going, so I have been busy knitting while the kids are sleeping.  Caroline and Tucker had pizza for dinner and Chad had boiled eggs.  Neither of those options sounded good to me so I ordered chinese take away.   This is a good option because they deliver which makes my life much easier!  However, it is always helpful for the delivery guy to know where he is delivering.  We gave him directions, but apparently we did not give him directions to our flat.  I waited and waited (in the rain) and finally gave up.  Chad called them back and gave them clearer directions and they redelivered.   So after waiting for way too long for a hot meal, I finally got my dinner and it was yummy.  Tucker liked it too as he will eat anything!  Caroline tried it three different times and spit it out every time.  That just means more for Tuck and me!

There are no pictures for this posting because Chad had the camera with him in Leeds and also because there just were not many picture opts.  A more exciting posting with pictures will follow when we have a more interesting day.

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