31 August 2008

Ruby Red Slippers

Caroline showing off her ruby red slippers!  Wonder where she gets her love of shoes? (Did I mention that her middle name is Paige?)

Big Boy Tucker

Here is Tucker in his new big boy jammies.  He loves to roll around on the floor while trying to keep up with Caroline.

Cay-Ray and Rye-Rye

Caroline (aka Cay-Ray) and her buddy Ryan (aka Rye-Rye) eating watermelon at the picnic.  This was before they went skinny dipping in the lake.  We won't be posting those pictures!

29 August 2008

A Few Beach Pictures...Gargatha

We are back at Sewanee...YAY!!!  Here are a few pictures of the kids at the beach on the Eastern Shore.  (Photo credits go to Bigger Paige)

Tucker wondering where he is who are these people!

Tucker thinks Russ is a little crazy.

Cay-Ray dancing on the beach!

Close up of Caroline at the beach.

05 August 2008

Beach at Sunset

Last night we went for a walk on the beach. It was kind of a crazy sunset, but how can we complain!  If you look closely in two of the pictures you can see dolphins that were swimming very near the shore.  It was great!


Here are pictures of the kiddos in the morning.  Tucker is really, really close to sitting up without any help.  

The Zoo Trip

Today we went to the Zoo for the last time, as we are leaving Naples on Sunday.  Caroline enjoyed the Zoo and called everything a "tiger."  Tucker slept for a good portion of our visit.  But as you can see in the pictures, Caroline made sure he didn't sleep through it all...how thoughtful of her to not want her little brother to miss out!  I will also add that while I like my camera and it takes good pictures, the zoom is not that great!  We were really close to all of these animals!  Fun, fun!