29 November 2008


Caroline with M&M's all over her face and jammies!  This was before noon that she needed a chocolate fix.

Here, she is showing the me 1 of the 25 M&M's that she just stuffed in her mouth.

Caroline reaching for the bowl with the M&M'S...her new favorite treat!

I went in the kitchen this morning after becoming suspicious because it was all too quiet. I found Caroline "washing" dishes.

26 November 2008

Random Pictures

I don't know how to explain this one!  Basically, Caroline was watching Oswald on TV and he had an umbrella so she needed to get hers.  I think she found the hat when she was looking for the umbrella.  

As for the lack of pants ... that's just how it goes some days.

Tucker-tootles rolling on the floor, paying no mind to the Caroline drama!

I think he was watching Dora in this picture.  Poor guy doesn't have much of a choice with Caroline as a big sister.

Last night we had about 30 people over for "soup night."  This is what our living room looked like.

24 November 2008

Leaves! Leaves!

We had just gotten home from "Daddy's church" yesterday when Caroline decided it would be a good idea to play in the leaves in her church clothes...why not!  The leaves have completely covered our yard, as you can see in the pictures.  Caroline loved it!  She is still squeezing into her favorite coat from last year.  She has others, this one just continues to be her favorite!  In the bottom picture you can see how upset Caroline was when I brought her inside.  She stood at the door for quite a while saying "outside...I need go outside."

21 November 2008

Real Food for Tuck!

Tucker is eating "real" food now! He has decided to go on strike against baby food. Here he is trying to get the very last bit of cheese left on his tray.

Tucker is so excited that he is no longer dependent on baby food! This is a good picture of his top teeth, too!

I think he had a cracker in each hand at this point. Today he had cheese, crackers and oranges for lunch ... yummy!

He is so proud! Too bad Caroline was taking a nap during this photo shoot and did not get to witness this momentous occasion.

Yes, Tucker has a partial black eye. He bumped his eye on a corner Wed morning. He cried for a moment and then went on with his morning routine.

Cheese and crackers, Tuck!!

14 November 2008


Here are some pictures of Tucker, Caroline and a few friends.  These were taken Wednesday at Kathryn's dress-up princess birthday party.  Caroline just wanted to dance to the music and roll the big ball around.  They finally convinced her to dress up in the blue dress.  She kept it on for a few minutes and then decided it was too itchy and wanted to take it off!  Tucker had a great time trying to figure out the magic wand and dancing like the big kids!

06 November 2008

Two Pictures

Here are Caroline and Chad before church on Sunday and Tucker using the dishwasher as a surboard...his new favorite activity!

01 November 2008

Lots O' Halloween!

Halloween!  Here are some pictures that we took with our camera.  We will probably post more as soon as our friends send us the ones they took.  No captions this time, as I don't think it is necessary...you can figure out what is going on!  Enjoy!