16 September 2007

A Walking Girl

Caroline has started walking...and I'm not sure she will ever stop! She is constantly on the go! The ladies at daycare always tell me, "she has walked her little legs off." Her top two teeth are almost halfway in, so that means lots of drool and also new sounds. Her newest game is to bite the spoon as we are feeding her and then eventually she will make eye contact with you and start laughing...still with the spoon in her mouth. It is hard for us not to laugh with her! Caroline was a trooper on our 3 day, 12 hour road trip (just Caroline and Mom!) We made a stop in Knoxville to stay with Lee and the we stayed in Farmville with Courtney and Hayden. That was fun! It was in Farmville on our return trip that she actually started to take 8-9 steps without holding on. While on the Shore, Caroline went swimming for the first time with Aunt Annie. She loved the salt water! No pictures of that experience, but we do have pictures of Chad and Caroline in the pool at a Sewanee picnic. (The chlorine was quite an issue for Chad, but Caroline didn't mind at all!) We tried to get pictures of Caroline walking, as she tends to look like Frankenstein with her arms out in front of her! Enjoy! (Next time we post, there will be pictures of Caroline's 1st birthday party!)