29 April 2009


Tucker had spaghetti for dinner for the first time.  I think you can see from the pictures how much he enjoyed it!  It was bath time as soon as he finished!

26 April 2009

Bread Helper

Here are a couple pictures of Caroline "helping" me make Eucharist bread.  We have a wonderful bread ministry here at Sewanee.  What that means is that we volunteer to make the bread for communion rather than having the wafers for communion.  We have definitely been spoiled by having real bread in church!  Not to worry for those of you that will be partaking in the bread we made.  I let her help after I finished, so you will not be eating bread that Caroline has been around!

25 April 2009

S'more s'mores

This evening we went to a cookout at one of Chad's professor's house.  The party is given annually in honor of rising seniors.  The big hit of the night was the s' mores!  The kids loved them.  You can see in the following pictures that Caroline was a fan!  She had s'mores all over her face.  Tucker, on the other hand, preferred to run around.  He did enjoy the barbeque and lemonade.  Enjoy the pictures...you may have to zoom in on the ones of Caroline to really appreciate how messy her face was from the s'mores.

18 April 2009

Saturday Morning...

This morning, the kids and I ventured to St. Andrews (nearby boarding school).  They were having a small "festival" with lots of activities for the kids.  Below are some pictures of the animals at the petting zoo.  They offered pony rides but Caroline decided that she was not yet ready for that.  Our favorite thing was the hayride.  Both kids really enjoyed it because we were being pulled by a "big, blue tractor!"  We got popcorn for a mid-morning snack and brought Daddy home some cotton candy.  (Also, we saw lots of snakes but didn't take any pictures because we didn't want Nan to be afraid of the blog.  You're welcome.)

Tucker was actually content to stay in the stroller!

Caroline was looking at the mice.  Thankfully she had no urge to pick them up.

Here she is making sure that "Buddy" can see all the animals since Mom was making him stay in the stroller.

Staging a protest on the steps of the chapel because she didn't want to leave.

Caroline's favorite was the goat.  He was really cute!  She said "I think he likes me, Mom!"

17 April 2009

New Park

This morning the kids and I went to a "new-to-us" park in Monteagle.  The kids were very excited because they had never been there before.  There are more pictures of Tucker, as Caroline spent most of her time on the swing saying "higher Mom, higher!"  Meanwhile, Tucker was all over the place!  He loved playing in the sand so much that he decided to eat it (as in put his face in the sand with an open mouth)!  So, just imagine me running back and forth between the two kids making sure Tucker did not eat the sand and pushing Caroline on the swing so that she was going higher than the other little girl at the park.  Fun for all!

13 April 2009

A Few More

Looking to see if any flowers have grown since she planted the seeds 3 hours ago.  She got her own seeds and a shovel so she could grow her flowers.  
Thanks to Daddy for helping!

Tucker was trying to help Josh play the banjo.  

Tucker aka "Tiny Dancer" was jammin to the music!  Notice Caroline in the back snooping through Ava's eggs.

Tucker LOVED the music, as he danced the night away.  Caroline saw that he was getting attention and had to go stand near him.

Caroline on the Hunt!

Caroline definitely knew what was going on this year!  Get as many eggs as possible!

Two at a time!

This picture was taken at the beginning of the hunt before her bag began to overflow!

Tucker on the Hunt!

Tucker's new smile.  (Really, this is what he does!)

"Any eggs up here?"

"I don't see any here! (But the mud looks like fun!)"

"I found one!!!"

Easter Morning (Part 1)

Caroline was excited to see what goodies the Easter Bunny brought.  She and Tucker got stickers, kitchen tools, yard tools and a new ball.  Thankfully the Easter Bunny knew she would gets lots of candy at the egg hunt later that afternoon, so she didn't leave any candy.

Tucker was ready for church!

Not sure what was going on here...All I know is that I was trying to get them in the car so we wouldn't be late for church.

11 April 2009

Easter Eggs

Last night, once Tucker went to bed, Caroline and I dyed Easter eggs.  This was a first for both of us.  Caroline thoroughly enjoyed the "project" and the eggs looked pretty good.  I think Caroline had more fun dropping the eggs in the different colors and then mixing the colors together once we had dyed all the eggs.  I wrote each of our names on a different egg and then Caroline dyed them.  Her egg was pink and probably looked the best.  Tucker's egg was green, Chad's egg was blue and mine was pink.  However, my egg had only been finished for just a few minutes when Caroline dropped it on the floor.  Oops!  If you zoom in on the bottom picture you can see our names on the eggs.  (Except for mine...I had to settle for the "polky dot" egg!)

Silly Boy, Silly Girl!

Here are some pictures we took this morning.  I bribed Caroline with fruit snacks to let me put her hair up.   It worked, and looked really cute for the 4 minutes it lasted.  This morning we got a special package from Nena with lots of pajamas!  Tucker was not excited, but Caroline insisted on trying on all of her new pajamas.  She even layered up as she did not want to take them off.  She was very excited!  The last few pictures are some more of Tucker's curls.  He gets more and more every day.