06 February 2011


Christmas 2010

Tucker and Caroline had a very Merry Christmas! Santa brought lots of fun things. Caroline got the Candy Land game, art supplies, Barbies, makeup and much more. Tucker got a Spiderman fishing pole, Ironman mask, trucks, trains and his favorite a Speed Racer Mach 5! They seemed to really understand this year about Santa. They went to bed well because they knew Santa was watching them and first thing the next morning they checked to see if Santa had eaten the cookies we left out. They were so cute on Christmas morning showing each other what they got. I love to see them so full of joy!

Tucker and Makeup

This is what happens when Tucker is left unattended for just a few minutes! He got into my makeup, specifically my mascara and smeared it all over his face. He also put mascara and lipstick all over my mirror...I was not very happy with him!