06 June 2009

Soft-Play Fun

To avoid today being a repeat of yesterday, we decided early on that we had to go do something.  It was cold and rainy, but that was not going to stop us.  We went to a restaurant/pub called "The Three Nuns."  The cleaning ladies had told Chad that there was a play area for kids and the website said family friendly.  This was about a 15 minute walk in the opposite direction from Mirfield.  We took the single stroller because Caroline specifically said she wanted to be a big girl and walk.  

There is a separate building just for kids, which is a soft-play funhouse.  It was crazy!  The kids enjoyed it even though it took while to get warmed up.  There were bigger kids so I think Caroline was a little intimidated at first.  We let them play for an hour and then went back to the restaurant to eat lunch.  Chad and I were both brave with our lunch choices.  Chad had bangers and mash, while I had steak and ale pie.  Mine was really good and Chad seemed to like his as well.  I was not brave enough to try the sausage he had.  Caroline and Tucker had the usual chicken nuggets, peas and chips.  

(The coloring was a little strange in some of the pictures.  The lighting was not good and I think the red floor mats make a funny reflection in the pictures.  Do not zoom in as the pictures are better from a distance!)

Tucker had lots of fun playing with the other kiddos!

Caroline before the bow came out of her hair.  Once I saw that the bow was missing I asked her where it was.  As she pointed to the balls she said "Oh, it's in the balls Mom."  Long gone!

Caroline playing in the balls with the big kids.

Tuck looking for Caroline.

Tucker was protected by his rain cover, so he never gets wet!

Caroline stopped and let me take this picture just for Poppy!  She wanted Poppy to see her lollipop!

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