14 October 2007

At Home in Sewanee

Caroline is 1 year old and doing great! She weighs 23lbs 13ozs and is 30.5 inches long. She is walking nonstop and talking a lot, too. Caroline is staring to recognize certain words that we say. She has a small baby that is in her toy basket and when we ask her to "bring mama the baby" she finds it and walks it over to us. Caroline has started to eat more "big girl" foods. She loves Kix, diced peaches, bananas, cheese, and of course Goldfish. One of her favorite things to do is to play with Chad on the floor. She loves to climb over him and she especially likes to be upside down. She is tough! Caroline was a Bumble Bee for Halloween, thanks to Bigger Paige! She had a great time strolling around the neighborhood with her friends...no candy, just Teddy Grahams! Here are some current pictures...I am still working on pictures from her birthday!