18 June 2009

Our Monday

We didn't have any plans for Monday, so we made a quick trip to Dewsbury for lunch.  I wanted to go back to the church where we had eaten before because the food was great and it was a very child friendly place.  (At least that was my plan.)  We took the bus and of course Caroline and I went straight to the top!  She is still a huge fan of the double decker buses.  I thought that maybe the novelty would wear off, but not a chance.  

We arrived in Dewsbury and it was still a little too early to eat lunch.  We walked around a bit and went in a bookstore, where Chad got Caroline a magazine that had all her TV characters in it.  Then he spotted a barber's shop and decided to give it a try.  It was on the second floor (above a butcher's shop) so I didn't want to take Tucker up there in the stroller.  Caroline went with Chad and read her magazine while he got his hair cut.  Tucker and I walked around and went in some new stores. 

Not only did Chad get his hair cut, but he also got a recommendation for lunch.  We went to a tiny "hole in the wall" restaurant that was also on the second floor, but guaranteed to have delicious homemade food.  It was great and totally worth the trip up the stairs.  Once we finished lunch and came back down to the street, it looked like it was going to start raining any second.  We went back to the bus station and headed home for naps.  It did start raining once we were on the bus and apparently it had been raining in Mirfield most of the morning.  Of course I had put clothes out on the line before we left!  It was sunny with no clouds in sight when I put them out.  

Kids went down for a nap, and when it stopped raining, I walked over to the yarn store.  Every time we pass the store now Caroline says, "look Mommy, it's your yarn store!"  I came home with some goodies and finished knitting a blanket I have been working on.  After dinner we brought the damp clothes in and spread them out in the kitchen so they could dry.  I cannot wait to get back to my clothes dryer!!

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