28 May 2008


We're off to Florida tomorrow for the summer!  We hope to post regularly to keep you updated.  We'll be there from May 29 until August 9.  Then we're off to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to visit Mary's family for a few weeks.  And by then, we will be ready to tackle the Holy Mountain of Sewanee again!  Don't worry, we're taking our Sewanee Angel with us.

Here's our address in Naples:
628 8th Street N., #6
Naples, FL  34102

27 May 2008

Fenway Park or Bust!

Thanks to Paige and Brad in Boston, there's no question where Tucker's loyalties lie.  It's a good thing that Chad isn't a Yankees fan!

22 May 2008

G.M.O. Girl's Morning Out

After being away from Sewanee for a week, Caroline was going through "Hay-ee" withdraw.  Since both moms were scheduled to work at PMO (Parents' Morning Out), Chad promised them a big adventure.  We walked, and walked, and walked some more.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  How are we going to separate these two for a whole summer???

19 May 2008

And You Wonder?

Wonder where these Krazy Krouse Kids get it from?  Here's a recently discovered photo of Daddy at age 6--taken in May 1986--preaching in the living room.  Notice the stole?  He made it in Sunday School Class!!!

Daddy is krazy, but he's going to be a preacher-man.

15 May 2008

Hattie, Elmo, and Some Wednesday Morning Fun

Hattie came over to play with Caroline and oh what fun they had together!

When Elmo came on Sesame Street, we figured that Elmo needed to be sitting in the middle of the girls.  So they were watching Elmo while sitting with Elmo.

14 May 2008

Sleeping Like Babies

Shhhhh!  No words needed. . .

Caroline and Mommy

Caroline loves chocolate ice cream, especially when it's Mommy's!  

Even if it's fallen on the ground, you can observe the 5 second rule!

13 May 2008

Mary and Tucks

This photo was taken following the Graduation Party for the Class of 2008.  These are mainly Senior Spouses but you can see Mary with Tucker and Liz holding Noah.

Tucker Update

Yesterday, Tucker went for his four month check-up at the Doctor's office.  He had four shots :( but the doctor said, "he's just perfect."

His Latest Stats:  24 inches long and weighs 13 lbs 6 oz.

We think he's just perfect too.  :)  And here's Mommy (some have suggested that she's notoriously absent from this blog!).

12 May 2008

Sewanee: In the Middle of Nowhere and In the Center of Everything

At least for the School of Theology's Commencement Service this was absolutely true.  We were blessed to have both the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church as well as retired Archbishop of Cape Town and Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu as the speaker.

Pictured here:  Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Presiding Bishop Katherine, and me.  I served as a Sacristan for the service and I was lined up in the Procession in front of the clergy.  I couldn't resist getting a photo with these two.

Fellow Sacristan Stephen Carson from Texas.  Stephen is a classmate of mine and the Carson family are good friends with the Krazy Krouse Kids.

Here, the "Arch" preaches inside beautiful All Saints' Chapel at the University.  Photo is from The Tennessean Newspaper.

The Tale of Caroline and the Friendly Snake

That's right, it's just a tale.  This NEVER happened boys and girls, so please don't try this at home.

So the other day we were returning from a Graduation Party, and when we opened our front door, we discovered a little baby Ringneck Snake coiled up.  Mary instantly screamed and I lunged for the snake.  (Note: these are not poisonous snakes!)

Now, of course, the downside to this is that Caroline recently picked up a coiled root in the driveway that, yes, resembled a snake.

And they lived happily ever after. . . THE END.

A Play Date

The other day Hattie came over to play (that sort of rhymes).  They played "ball" outside and all was generally well until...

They both wanted the ball!

Caroline has learned to say "sorry" by patting on the head--here's an example of saying sorry to Hattie.

Later on, they discovered a rogue copy of the now famous book, "Brown Bear."  They both demanded that it be read and re-read until they had had enough.

05 May 2008

Big Sister, Little Brother

We caught this cute moment and had to share it!

Caroline loves to shower Tucks with kisses...

04 May 2008

Daddy at the Races

Daddy ran his first race today!  It was a 5K to raise money to build a school in Guatemala--a great cause to sweat for.

He didn't finish first...he didn't finish last either. Regardless, we're proud of our Daddy, he's our hero! 

Free Fun

The black lab next door, a.k.a. "daa-wg," is always great for entertainment value.  Every time she hears her barking, she immediately tells us, "daa-wg."  Caroline is getting braver too.  Now, she's letting the dog lick her fingers--she laughs whenever the labby does this.

We've been wanting to get rid of this basketball goal post for some time.  Please note Mom:  we did not encourage her to drink this rather stagnant water that has been sitting in the base for a couple of days.  Caroline simply thought it would be "fun." 

Caroline is honing her skills in the kitchen.  

03 May 2008

Building a Vocabulary

Caroline is starting to talk.  Here's a running list of words that she can say:
  • Daddy (my favorite)
  • Ma-ri (for Mary, I taught her that)
  • Tar-tar (for Tucker)
  • Pass (for Pacifier)
  • Ju-ss (for Juice)
  • Hyi-th (for our lady, Hyacinth)
  • C-ya (for See you later)
  • Bye-bye
  • Ma-ma
  • Side (outside)
  • Dawwg (dog)
  • Ha-ee (Hattie)
  • Uh-oh
  • No!
  • Ca-ar (car)
  • Pooooh  (Winnie or poop)
  • Elbo (Elmo)
  • Upp-a  (I want up please)
  • Pees (please)
  • Cheesh (cheese)
In addition to these words, she can blow kisses on command, wave good bye, and give you a kiss (opened mouth though) if you ask her!

Our Helper

It's no secret that Caroline has taken to her little brother.
Every time he cries, Caroline makes certain that we know (as if we can't hear!) so that we can do something about it.

She helps us burb him and now she wants to help feed Tucker.  Caroline can even take things to trash can and throw them away.

She's so smart!

Caroline: Beach Proof

Mommy thought it would be funny, but smart, to get Caroline a wetsuit to wear at the pool or the beach when we're in Florida this summer.

Caroline loves it.  It has built-in floaties in the chest and back so she looks "buff."