01 November 2009

Halloween 2009

This was the 3rd year in a row that we have trick or treated in the Woodlands. It has gotten harder every year! The first year I was pregnant with Tucker, so it was pretty easy to take Caroline around as an only child. Last year, Tucker was only 9 months old so he stayed in the stroller, but Caroline was all over the place because it was the first year she really understood what Halloween was all about. This year was a whole different ball game! We decided that we would double team them. Chad had Tucker and I kept and eye on Caroline.

Caroline's goal was to go to as many houses as possible and get lots of candy. She was trying to keep up with the big kids and stayed ahead of us most of the time. Tucker also understood (sort of) what was going on. He at least knew that candy was waiting behind each door. He was a little shaky on the "trick or treat" part but he did manage to say "thank you" most times with some encouragement.

It was strange this year to not have a stroller or have to carry a child. They both went right up to the door without hesitation. Granted, they were surrounded by all their friends so they were feeling brave. It was nice (but also kinda sad) to stand back and watch and not have to be right beside them holding their hands. They seemed so big last night :(

Despite waking up from her nap an hour before trick or treating began and proclaiming that she would not be a mermaid, Caroline pulled through and gladly put on her costume and boots. I do think it helped that she saw all her friends dressed up. Tucker was enthusiastic as ever about being a pirate. However, I didn't even attempt the pirate hat or parrot on the shoulder. Most people knew he was a pirate and only one person thought that maybe he was a Spanish Bull Fighter. And, actually now that I look at the pictures, he could have been a bull fighter!

Another tough thing about this year, was getting good pictures. All Tucker wanted to do was run and Caroline just had to keep up with her friends so she didn't have time to pause for a picture. Once we got back to the Carson's house for our annual Halloween dinner and fire in the fire pit outside, Caroline and Tucker finally sat down. I think they were getting tired and more importantly, they were ready to eat their goods! Caroline sat on the front porch with Ava and ate candy until she couldn't eat any more! (Apparently that has also become a tradition, as they did the exact same thing last year!) She stopped herself before I even thought about taking the candy away. Tucker found a Tootsie Roll Pop and sat on Josh's lap until he finished. He was very content with his one piece of candy. Suckers are definitely his favorite!

It was another great Halloween at Sewanee celebrated with our wonderful friends. It will certainly be different next year not having all our buddies around. Trick or treating in the Woodlands, dinner at the Carson's and a camp fire in their front yard is just one tradition we have enjoyed while being at Sewanee. Thanks for the memories :)

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BB said...

We loved trick-or-treating with you guys as well, it sure will be different next year...who's hand will I hold without Caroline around? My kids certainly weren't interested in holding my hand. :(
I have the most adorable picture of Tucker on Josh's lap that I'll send you.