08 November 2009

Caroline: 3 or 13?

This morning we were hanging out in the living room when Caroline disappeared into her room. I heard her talking to herself, but that is not unusual. After a few minutes, Tucker noticed that she was gone and said "where Carwine?" He ran in her room and jumped on the bed as I stood at the door and watched. She told him to be quiet because she was on the phone. I heard her saying "boyfriend, those socks are for the baby..." Apparently she was talking on the phone to her boyfriend, whoever that may be.

Tucker started to really interfere so I had to step in. Once she saw me, I asked who was on the phone and she told me it was Taylor (Swift). Caroline is a big fan. She continued to talk to Taylor for a good bit longer and didn't seem to mind that I was watching. I had visions of her teenage years as I watched her sit on the bed and stare out the window while talking on the phone. Did she just turn 3 or 13?!?!

*Yes, she got dressed all by herself this morning :)

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