22 November 2009

My Challenge

Ok, Ok, Ok! I promise to have new pictures next time I post something on the blog. I guess we have been so busy with events that involve Mommy (for a change!) that I haven't had the camera and I just assumed no one wants pictures of the pashmina party and craft fair. The kids have been busy hanging with Daddy and spending time with their buddies at Sewanee while I have been "crafting." I have made stationary, knitted hats and scarves, book thongs, ribbon key rings and lots and lots of bows! The craft show was worthwhile as I sold quite a few bows. I still have some special orders to complete, as well.

Last week after the Thursday Community Eucharist and dinner, Caroline and I went over to Jan's house to hang out and work on some craft projects. A few other friends were there and we were all busy knitting, cross stitching and making jewelry. We were discussing different Christmas gifts we were making and that got me thinking...what if I challenge myself to make all the Christmas presents that I will be giving this year? Is it possible? Am I that creative? Will I have the time to do this? The biggest question I asked myself was if I really needed another challenge...I mean really, isn't every day with these two krazy kids challenging enough?!?!?

Well, I'm gonna give it a try with one exception. I will buy the kids' gifts from the store. I am not sure that they would be excited or even appreciate something that I have made. Plus, I do enjoy Christmas shopping. If I didn't get in a little shopping it just wouldn't feel like Christmas! I will keep you updated on my progress although I can't tell you too much as some of my readers will be receiving these gifts. So now that I've said it (to someone other than myself) I must follow through with it and I am actually excited and up to challenge.

For now, I'll go back to listening to Caroline ask why it can't be Christmas. She wants us to put a tree up immediately so Santa can come and bring her special "toys" (as in tomorrow). I am excited for the Christmas season because Caroline (obviously) gets it this year so it will be lots of fun! But, I've got lots of work to do between now and then!


BB said...

Yay for a handmade Christmas! You can do it!

Jenny said...

Wow, that is an undertaking! I can barely get everything bought, let alone actually make anything. Good luck!