08 November 2009

Quick Project

Chad's mom got us this little chest of drawers before we even left Virginia (over 2 years ago). I have always had the intention of repainting it and replacing the knobs. It has been on my to do list for a long, long time. Finally, a couple weeks ago I got the paint and it has been almost a month since I found the knobs. The weather was so nice yesterday that I decided it was now or never. I painted it white and added green decorative knobs. It is still not finished, as I am planning on getting Julie (our artist friend) to add some finishing touches. I know it will look great when it is completely finished!

This "quick" project led to a thorough cleaning of Caroline's room. I sorted through all kinds of stuff that I am not sure why I still had. I have a box of toys (and a few books), clothes, and bottles to donate to a homeless shelter. I was able to make lots of room in Caroline's closet. There is now room to "park" her stroller and grocery cart in there. She calls this her "conrage" aka "garage." We even did a little rearranging. Once the room was vacuumed and clean she walked in her room and said "Wow, Mommy! Thank you for my beautiful room."



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