28 October 2009

Outside Adventures

Today was a perfect Sewanee Fall day! The weather was just perfect so we had to spend some time outside. We decided to do some exploring around our yard and in the woods behind our house. Tucker was a willing participant from the moment I said "outside," where as Caroline needed some convincing. Her boots weren't exactly meant for hiking. We played a quick game of hide and go seek and climbed in the trees. A couple times we thought we lost Tucker when actually he was just blending into the foliage.

Caroline thought it would be funny to sneak up on Tucker and drop a handful of leaves on his head while he intently watched the daddy long legs, aka. "Spi-da." They learned about the bark on trees, found big sticks, and listened to the airplanes pass overhead. We also saw some "big trucks" and motorcycles which were way more exciting! These kids sure are nature lovers and I'm quite certain they get that from Chad.

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Anonymous said...

I love all the fall pics! Gee, seeing Tucker in those camo pants sure does bring back fond memories of Chad wearing some! Caroline, you are a hoot wearing your pink boots everywhere :) Happy Halloween!
Much love,