25 November 2009


Below are a couple pictures of Tucker watching Mickey Mouse. He LOVES Mickey Mouse and can spot Mickey from a mile away! A child at PMO had a very small Mickey on his shirt yesterday and Tucker stopped at nothing to make sure we all saw it! This may not sound like a big deal or even unusual at all for an almost 2 year old. However, this is something that Tucker started to like on his own and not because of Caroline. He usually just likes whatever she likes, but this is one of the first things that he has "claimed." She enjoys watching Mickey but it is usually because Tucker has requested it, as it is rarely her idea. I am proud of Tuck for finding his own things to like! He even says "Oh Tootles!" which they say on the show. It is really cute. Mickey is currently the only show that he will sit on the couch and watch until the end. He usually looses interest with most of Caroline's shows, but not Mickey Mouse. So it looks like Santa might be bringing a Mickey Mouse DVD or two!

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