25 November 2009

Soup Night 2009

Last night we had 50 people at our house for Soup Night 2009. This is the second year in a row we have hosted this fun event and we had a great turnout. There was a fire in the fireplace and Chad had a bonfire going, as well. Kids were everywhere but no one seemed to mind. (This is another thing I will miss about Sewanee...there is a very high tolerance for letting kids be kids!) Cars were parked way down the street and all the way up the driveway. We brought in two extra tables which made our house look like a restaurant. We had 8 soups, cheese and crackers, olives, and numerous varieties of bread and desserts. It was yummy!

The kids played and played. They played outside, checked out the bonfire in the backyard, played dress-up, played with the kitchen in Caroline's room, pulled out the trains and at one point the lights were off and they were pretending (or "be-tending" as Caroline says) to go night-night. As you can see from the pictures below, they found Caroline's summer clothes and put on bathing suits and even convinced one of the boys to wear pink shorts. It was a very interesting evening! Caroline and Tucker had a great time playing with all their friends and Chad and I enjoyed chatting with our friends and getting to know some new friends a little better. As far as I am concerned, it couldn't have been better!

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Jenny said...

That sounds really fun!! You have a fun and creative group of people down there. Where are you guys moving to?