26 November 2009

Orphan Thanksgiving

This year we gathered in the refectory (aka dining hall) for a pot luck Thanksgiving meal. There was a good turn out and lots of food! I made a spinach casserole which I had not made before. It was pretty tasty and there was only a little bit left to bring home. We ate turkey and ham, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, baked apples, and dessert, of course. The kids played with their friends and actually ate pretty well. Tucker tried most of what we offered him. He would not try the sweet potato casserole, which I thought was one of the best things! Caroline enjoyed the mashed potatoes and I think she may have even had some turkey. The chocolate cake was a big hit for everyone. Mr. Harry and Ms. Gina were also a big hit with Caroline and Tucker!

I also wanted to include a story about our morning. Chad went to Chattanooga for the Thanksgiving service. Tucker and Caroline and I watched bits and pieces of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Tucker loved Spiderman and Mickey Mouse! Caroline saw a pink princess castle that she wanted. She, of course, had on the pink princess dress. She was insistent that she would be wearing this today. I had other plans. I gave her a bath and then the great debate of what to wear started. She was in her panties crying for about an hour until she finally caved and put on "real" clothes.

I did manage to get 2 casseroles made this morning before the drama began. Caroline has a princess dress but it was ripped. I told her that I would pull out the sewing machine and stitch up her dress if she wanted to wear it. I wasn't opposed to her wearing a princess dress, I just didn't want her to wear Hannah's while eating. We went back and forth about whether or not she wanted me to fix her dress so she could wear it. This involved many tears (on her part) and me telling her more than once to stay in her room until she was ready to get dressed. Finally, she decided that she would wear her princess dress (not Hannah's). So, while most people are in the kitchen cooking, I was in front of the sewing machine trying to appease one little princess.

I asked her to pick out a shirt and pants to wear under her dress. For some reason this was no problem. I then put the princess dress on her and she told me it was not big enough. I think she wanted her skirt to poof out more like Hannah's dress did. I had the great idea of putting her tutu on underneath to make her skirt bigger. Caroline was not pleased with the result, even though I thought it looked great. So, off came the princess dress and she stayed in her pants and shirt and the tutu. Just thought I would offer an explanation in case you were wondering why the tutu!?!?!

Caroline played hide & go seek while Tucker found something on the floor to eat.

There was tons of food on the buffet!

Caroline's favorite thing was the chocolate cake!

Chad attempted to prevent Tucker from getting chocolate cake everywhere!

Tuck had too much fun running around and fell and bumped his nose.

The kids loved coloring with the infamous Mr. Harry and Ms. Gina!

Pink marker was all over Caroline.

Tucker managed to color on his eye with the markers.

He also colored his hands green.

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BB said...

Love the tutu and Tucker's eyes! Your kids are SO punk! It must have been that England influence this summer!