29 November 2009

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

On Saturday I decided that it was time to get a Christmas tree. Chad was hesitant because it wasn't even December yet (which normally I would agree), but we have several busy weekends coming up and I wanted to make sure we got one while they were still available. Last year we ended up getting one from Home Depot because it was the only place we could find one. Although the tree was fine, I didn't necessarily want a repeat of last year. We got this year's tree from Dotson's Market in Monteagle. They were marked $37.99 which turned out to be a good price for freshly cut tree. This one was also a little larger than trees we have had in the past.

The kids were excited. Well actually, Caroline was excited because of the tree and Tucker was excited because Caroline was excited. They were in the car when the man put the tree on the top of the Jeep. This caused much confusion as they just couldn't figure out where the tree was. Once we got home they jumped out of the car and got a good look at the tree on our roof. This was not a sight they see everyday. Chad trimmed up the bottom and got it in the stand and in the house on Saturday afternoon. We had planned on decorating that evening and wanted the kids to be a part of it. However, because Caroline did not think she needed a nap, she fell asleep just a little after 6 pm and didn't wake up until the next morning.

So today was the day we would decorate the tree. It was looking pretty bare and Caroline kept asking when we were going to put the lights on it. Tucker wasn't nearly as enthusiastic, as he and the tree started off on bad terms. He kept throwing his pacifiers in the tree and then stood in front of it and screamed "paci!!!" It seems as though he forgot that he had thrown his pacifiers and that the tree had not reached out and grabbed them from his hands. Tucker also said "go away tree" over and over.

Finally this evening, we went to the attic to get the boxes of Christmas goods. Chad and I got the lights put on and then it was time to hang the ornaments. I honestly thought this would be a fun family activity that we all would enjoy. It was cold outside, our bellies were full from dinner and chocolate ice cream and we had a fire in the fireplace...the conditions were perfect! Well, Tucker and Caroline thought the ornaments were toys. The first five ornaments that I put on came right off almost as if it was a game. Not to mention, the kids decided to crawl under and around the tree. Not cool! Caroline's bow fell out of her hair and Tucker brought it to me and insisted that I put it in his hair.

We soon realized that we would be decorating until midnight at this rate. It was time for Tucker to go to bed. He insisted that he take a train ornament (that was Chad's as a child) to bed with him. He was quiet as always and then I heard him fussing. I went in his dark room assuming that he had dropped his pacifier, when I heard him say "train, Mommy-oh no!" The train had fallen out of his crib and he needed it. Sure enough, I found the train, gave it back to him and never heard another word. I am assuming that this would be his favorite ornament of the season.

Caroline's favorite ornament is---any guesses?---the "princess dress" ornament. She settled down after Tucker went to bed, but still managed to smash two ornaments together and break them. Thankfully, the broken ornaments were just the generic gold balls that I am trying to get rid of anyway. Miraculously, the tree is complete and looks great. I think this is one of the best trees we have had. Chad has decided that we are pulling out all the stops since this is our last Christmas in Sewanee! I'll post more pictures as we get more decorations up.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tree! The corner is a great place for it too. It sounds like Tucker has a thing for trains just like Chad did at his age! We're looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!
Nena, Poppy, Pappaw, Abbey & Kelsey