27 May 2009

"Tucker the Terrible" Feels Terrible

Last night, before going to bed, I could tell Tucker was not feeling well.  Within the first hour of being asleep, he woke up three times.  Thankfully this pattern did not continue.  We gave him some medicine and he managed to sleep until 7:15am.  This was a vast improvement from the previous mornings.  I did hang and extra sheet over his windows, as I am certain that the early morning sunshine had something to do with him getting up so early.  Chad went to get him from his crib and brought him back into our bed.  His left eye was "glued" closed from all the goo and his nose could not have been crustier.  He look awful, but was in a really good mood!  I was also not feeling well.  I'm not sure if it is allergies or just a cold.  I knew from this moment that we wouldn't be going far from home today.

Tucker has been very active this morning and has seemed very happy.  We all went to coffee at 11 am and came back and watched some kids' shows we downloaded on Itunes.  As you can see in the pictures, it looks like his black eye may actually be getting worse before it gets better.  Here are the kiddos having a sweet love "moment" while watching Oswald.


Mahala said...

What sweet pictures! Poor Tucker-at least he's in a good mood. Hope you both are feeling better soon-I miss ya'll lots and lots!


Anonymous said...

I'm at the Hermatige with Moo.
She loves all of the pictures and enjoyed hearing all about your adventures. She sends her love and says, "hurry home". AA