12 May 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow is the big day! I think we are ready to go. I spent most of the afternoon fitting all the clothes, shoes and toys that we will need for the next 50 days into one large suitcase and one small suitcase. I highly reccomend the spacesaver bags! Our new double stroller has arrived and we are ready to tackle this new adventure. We will spend about 10 hours on the plane tomorrow as we will fly from Norfolk to Atlanta then from Atlanta to Manchester. We have already determined that Benadryl does not work on our kids, so we have Tylenol and lots of books and stickers as a back up plan.

We had one minor hiccup today as we had to make an unplanned trip to the local pediatrician. Tucker had a high fever on Sunday and Caroline had a high fever yesterday. We were afraid that they may have ear infections so we had them checked out. As we were waiting to see the doctor we noticed that Tucker had a rash. Apparently they got some sort of virus and passed it to one another. We think that Tucker had it first and now Caroline is a day behind him. That means we should expect a rash tomorrow. The virus cannot be treated so we are just waiting for the rash to appear and then dissappear on Caroline. We will consider ourselves very lucky if this is the only health issue we have for the next 7 weeks!

Most communication this summer will be via e-mail and this blog. We are fairly certain that wireless internet access will not be an issue, so I hope to update this often! As for the cell phone. we will explore that option once we get settled in. For those of you wondering how we will survive the plane ride, keep checking back...


Anonymous said...

Hi Krazy Krouses! (parents included, :) Melissa sent us the link pictures of Emma and from there yours was easy to click and view! Great blogging & ever so cute pictures!
Looking forward to viewing your plane trip.
Hope all is going great for you all!
Love, Hugs & Kisses! God Speed!
Bob, Debbie, Bobby, & Brittni Webb

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it! We leave for the beach in 2 days but I'll be checking in to make sure you all survived! Enjoy your adventure!