24 May 2009

Beautiful Day

Today was the first day since we have been here that it has not rained.  It has been beautiful all day- 70's, sunny, not a cloud in the sky!  Although we stayed at home today, we have been busy.  This morning Chad took the bus to Halifax for church and the kids and I were lazy.  Actually Chad left pretty early so there is no way we would have been ready.  He also took the camera so I have not taken any pictures today.  Sorry!

About mid-morning, Tucker and I were dressed and ready to go outside and play.  Caroline, however, did not want to get dressed and go outside.  Finally, we have a warm beautiful day and she wants to stay inside. Go figure!  At about this moment, when I was ready to drag her outside in her pajamas, she said to Tucker," Tucker, we have the best mommy."  That got her an extra five minutes to get her act together.  I can't remember how we convinced her to get dressed, but we finally did.  I let her be the leader in our "adventure."  This involved Tucker and me following Caroline where ever she wanted to go (on the college grounds).  We wandered down the path to the back of campus where we stopped at the football field.  It is a wide open space where they ran and ran.  We played ring-around-the-rosie, tag and pretended like we were horses.  Tucker found a large stick (really a limb) that he could barely pick up, but insisted on dragging it as far as he could.

With no stroller in sight, we continued on the path and stopped at the goldfish pond.  Tucker and Caroline threw sticks and rocks in the pond, as Caroline was convinced that they were feeding the fish.  This worked out just fine until Tucker realized that he could put his hands in the water and splash.  I decided that it was time to move on!  We then went to see the chickens.  Tucker has only seen them from the stroller so it was time for a close up for him.  I had to stand right beside him because he was seconds away from sticking his hand through the wire and getting pecked.  Caroline and I agreed that the chickens were extra stinky today!  Back home we came for lunch and naps.

Tucker had a great 3 hour nap, while Caroline only slept for about 45 minutes.  In the meantime, Chad came home and we put some laundry out on the line.  Caroline was a big help with this task.  She did a great job handing me the clothespins when I asked.  Tucker woke up and we spent some time right outside our flat near the garden.  Brother Thomas was working in the garden and Caroline was very curious about what he was doing.  He taught us about the different things he was growing and why he was pulling the weeds.  It didn't make sense to Caroline that he was pulling out some of the "plants."  The most exciting thing in the garden right now is the impending strawberries.  They are supposed to be ready in 2-3 weeks.  Tucker was most interested in the dirt, mud and shovel.

Back to the field we went with Daddy to play some more.  This time we took a ball to play with.  We enjoyed not having to jump up every moment to catch a child from running away.  They actually stayed pretty close to us as we were busy looking for airplanes and listening to the birds and trains go by.  I think Caroline began to say she was hungry so we went home for dinner.  After dinner Caroline helped me take the clothes off the line and put them away.  It was so nice to let the clothes dry outside rather than lay them on every available surface in the kitchen.  

Sorry we do not have any pictures for this post.  I will definitely have some after tomorrow.  We are taking a bus trip with the seminary to Walsingham.  It is going to be a long day, so it may be Tuesday before I post again.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you all have been very busy! What fun to go see Thomas the Train!!! Chad's bedroom was all about trains while he was growing up--now it's Caroline & Tucker's turn! So glad you all are enjoying your trip--we love and miss you guys.
Love & hugs,
Nena (Mom K.)