16 May 2009

Our Flat

Here is the bathroom.  It is Tucker's favorite room.  He likes to throw things into the shower and toilet.

The kitchen is not bad!  We have a washer and an iron to help dry the clothes.  There is a tiny fridge to the right of the stove.

This is our bedroom.  There are two twin beds pushed together.  Caroline was trying to hide from me under the covers.  She didn't want to get dressed.

The kids' room.  The "cot" was in need of a mattress.  We had to create a bed for Tuck to sleep on the first night.  The mattress arrived yesterday.

We have a TV!!  We get about 5 channels.

Another view of our sitting room.

Caroline and Tucker sound asleep on Thursday afternoon.  I think they slept for about four hours.

Happy girl!  Playing cards in England.

Tucks having a snack.  He was pretty happy, too!

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