30 May 2009

Back to Huddersfield

By Friday, I was finally ready to get out of the house!  There was nothing we really had to do other than get a few groceries.  Rather than going down to the Co-op, we ventured to Huddersfield.  Lunch was first on the list when we got off the oh-so-exciting double decker bus.  There was a McDonald's right on the corner and that was Caroline's choice.  To avoid a fight and because we were really hungry, we went to "Try House."  The kids got a happy meal and Caroline ate the fries and Tucker ate the burger.  

We went around to check out some of the markets that Caroline and I had found earlier in the week.  Sure enough, Caroline remembered that there was a Thomas ride and she ran right to it.  She was very excited and even wanted "little buddy" to get on with her.  They loved it, but unfortunately for us, the Thomas rides are everywhere!  We went to a new grocery store, Sainsbury's and got the few things we needed.  You might be surprised at how hard it is to find peanut butter.  We did find a frisbee that we could play with out in the yard after dinner.  Caroline was really excited to see a random statue with a few stairs leading up to it.  She ran over and climbed to the top and then got irritated when we tried to take her picture.  You will see that we also had to take "purse" with us on this trip.  She stopped frequently to look in it to make sure she had everything she needed.

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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Her hair looks super-cute! Henry says "She's eating at McDon-nold's, we eat at McDon-nold's with Caroyine?"