30 May 2009

Do NOT Forget the Camera!

What a day!  When we left the flat this morning our plans were to go to Dewsbury, eat a quick lunch, and catch the next bus to Heckmondwike to go to the petting zoo.  We got off the bus in Dewsbury and found that it was larger than we thought.  There was lots going on!  As usual, first on the agenda was food.  After a quick lunch we explored the market area with the locals. 

There was a "teacup ride" that Caroline insisted on going on the second she spotted it.  The ride consisted of spinning teacups (which is where you sit) on a platform that also went round and round.  There was no way I was going to be able to spin that much so soon after lunch.  Chad was a trooper and braved the spins for Caroline.  It was so much fun watching them!  This was the moment that I realized that we did NOT bring the camera!  I could not believe that we forgot it…we had been doing so well!  But, I guess it wasn’t so bad to have only forgotten the camera once in over two weeks.

We debated on whether or not to save the petting zoo for another day and just hang out in Dewsbury a little longer, as I really wanted to have the camera with us when we saw the animals.  However, Caroline kept asking over and over “when are we going to see the animals?”  So off we went to the bus station in an attempt to find Heckmondwike.  We got on the right bus, we just didn’t get off at the right stop.  I realized that we had passed our stop so we got off that bus and on another one and headed back in the direction we came from.  Thankfully the driver was very helpful and told us where we needed to get off.  It was also helpful that Tucker was sound asleep in the “push cart” or “pram” and that Caroline had a sticker book we got from the market.

We made it!  (Off the bus and in the taxi and finally at our destination!)  The first stop was to feed the llamas.  Chad fed them and finally convinced Caroline to do the same.  I think it tickled her hand when they took the food from her because she kept laughing.  Rabbits were next and Caroline and Tucker loved them.  Tucker was a big fan as he kept squealing at the cage.  The white rabbit was out so they got to pet him and feel how soft he was.  Tucker also tried to make friends with the Cockatiel, but “Ricky” was not in the mood for making friends.  Tucker put his little fingers through the cage and Ricky quickly gave him a peck to let him know that he was not welcome.  I jumped over to him immediately when I saw the bird’s beak go in the direction of Tuck’s fingers.  In typical Tucker fashion, he was not fazed by this and kept on going.

The turkeys, deer, reindeer, kangaroo and monkeys were all very exciting, but the play area took the cake.  There was a pretty decent playground that the kids loved.  When I say kids, I am including Chad.  He seemed to enjoy the play equipment as much as the real kids.  Had Caroline wanted, she could have had a pony ride.  She loved to look at the pony, but was not yet brave enough to hop on.  The pony got squeals from Tucker, too! 

In the reptile area (this was not a petting part!) we saw lizards, frogs and lots of snakes.  Caroline was scared of the snakes this time around.   About two months ago she did not hesitate to touch a snake.  Once we finished with the pigs, skunks, fish, turtles, porcupine and goats we called our taxi and came home.  It was an odd mix of animals but tons of fun.

I thought that since we did not have the camera to take pictures, I would see if Caroline would help me make a video and tell everyone what we saw today.  If you haven’t watched the video yet, then I will warn you that I was only a tiny bit successful.  Tucker was asleep when we made the video or else you would hear what he had to “say.”  Sorry for the lack of pictures, but lesson learned…Do not forget the camera!!!


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