04 February 2010

"That Car Horned at Me!"

Yesterday the kids and I went to Winchester to run some errands. Our first stop was at the Elk River Gas office to pay the gas bill. Of course they have a drive through which is extremely convenient, however Caroline needed to go potty so we had to go inside. Once we were finished, we walked to the car and I told Caroline to stand on the sidewalk as I put Tucker in the car.

As she stood on the sidewalk waiting for me a car drove by and beeped it's horn. She was mad! She said "Mommy! That car horned at me!" Caroline proceeded to ask me who "horned at her" and why did that car "horn." I feel certain that the car was not beeping at her as we were close to (but not too close) to a busy road. For the next 10 minutes she wanted to know who was in that black car. Finally, she stopped talking about it and calmed down. A little later in the day, I heard her say to Tucker, "Tucker, that black car horned at me and that is not very allowed!" I couldn't help but laugh (discretely) every time she talked about it. She was seriously mad at that black car!

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