17 February 2010

Sleepy Mommy=Trouble

Yesterday my Vegas vacation ended. My friends and I had an amazing time, but that involved little sleep. I was more than exhausted upon returning to Sewanee. So, I confess, I let the kids play with markers AND play dough because I was on the couch and just too tired to do anything about it. I think the markers only got on their hands and I have already found bits of play dough in other rooms. Caroline was insistent on making a birthday cake with markers as candles. She did this over and over and got extremely frustrated each time the markers would fall over. Tucker tried to help her, but even he could not get the markers to stand up straight. Assuming I get a good night's sleep, there will be no more play dough birthday cakes with uncapped markers as candles. Sorry to ruin the fun kids.

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