08 February 2010

Just When I Think...

Just when I think I know Caroline, I am proven wrong. Lately, she has been into wrapping her babies and stuffed animals in blankets. There is a certain way she likes it done and it has to be just right. Every now and then I get it right, but I'm still not sure what makes it "right." This morning we finally got her baby wrapped up just right and placed in the stroller. She was so happy with the way things were going! Caroline parked her baby stroller in a safe place and then went to play in her room.

About that time, Tucker noticed the stroller and ran over to it. He decided he would take the baby for a stroll. As he rounded the corner into Caroline's view I noticed him grinning ear to ear. It was as if he couldn't wait for her to see him with her stroller. We both knew what her reaction was going to be! I delicately said to her "Caroline, I want you know that Tucker has your stroller and it's OK. He is taking good care of your baby." Before I even finished my statement, she looked up and said, "Oh Tucker, that is so sweet." This was not the reaction Tucker and I expected...it was better!

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