21 February 2010

Our Day

We had another day of beautiful weather so we went on an adventure...a four hour one, that is! We did lots of fun things like:

pretend to be on a balance beam (Tucker had stopped at the end of the driveway...no worries, grandparents)

follow directions and stopped the first time I said "stop"

wave to all the cars that passed by

learn about fire hydrants

pick up a million pine cones

find just the right stick(s)

get up close and personal with the fire trucks

(Tucker did, too!)

find a perfect place for a picnic lunch

climb trees

and climb on dangerous parts of the fountain

roll in the mud

and roll in the mud some more

pretend to be a boat captain

put handfuls of mulch in a bug catcher

pick pretty purple flowers

slide down the fireman's pole without help

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